The research areas of STEN focus on both methodological developments and different technological applications. From a methodological perspective, environmental sustainability assessments lie in the core of our expertise. This is translated in our extended work on life cycle assessment methods. As an engineering group, our methodological expertise covers process engineering methods and material flow analysis as well.

The different methodologies are applied to a broad range of materials, products, and technologies. In particular, the assessment of raw materials and resources is covered in our work. In addition, a broad expertise on the bio-economy has been developed, including on the one hand bio-based processes and products and on the other hand agricultural and food systems. We engage in the transition to a circular economy by investigating an optimal end-of-life management, including recycling technologies and the analysis of recycling opportunities. Also technologies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy sectors are situated within our expertise. Lastly, we also conduct research on nature and natural resources management, focusing on soil quality and ecosystem services.

Linking these different technologies and systems with sustainability assessments from an engineering perspective is what defines the unique perspective of the STEN research group.

As an example of our research, a presentation on the implementation of the sustainability assessment tool box to deap-sea mining is available on the think tank minerals website.


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