Prof dr. ir. Christian Stevens

Research topics:

Heterocyclic Synthesis

Microreactor Technology / Continuous Flow Chemistry

Chemical modification of Renewable Resources

+32 9 264 5957 foto Chris Stevens.png

Prof dr. ir. Matthias D'hooghe

Research topics:

Heterocyclic chemistry

Synthesis of bioactive compounds

+32 9 264 9394 Prof Matthias D'hooghe

Prof dr. ir. Sven Mangelinckx

Research topics:

Chemistry of non-proteinogenic amino acids

Chemistry of small-membered azaheterocycles

Isolation, analysis and synthesis of bioactive natural products

+32 9 264 5951 foto Sven Mangelincx

Prof dr. ir. Thomas Heugebaert

Research topics:

Photochemical process intensification
Flow chemistry
Gas/liquid photomicroreactor systems

+32 9 264 5962 Prof  Thomas Heugebaert

Administrative staff

Ans Van Nieuwenhuyse

+32 9 264 9379 foto Ans Van Nieuwenhuyse

Technical staff

Els Van Hende

+32 9 264 6237 foto Els Van Hende

Pieter Zwaenepoel


+32 9 264 5870 foto Pieter Zwaenepoel.png

Maarten Claes

+32 9 264 6237 Maarten Claes

Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Nathalie De Coensel

Coordinator GREEN-CHEM

+32 494 08 62 48 Nathalie De Coensel

Dr. ing. Bart Roman

Research topic:

Development of N-Cadherin Antagonists as Antimetastatic Agents

+32 9 264 5962 foto Bart Roman

Dr. ir. Maarten Debruyne

Research topic:

Transpharm project (Circa)

+32 9 264 5860

foto Maarten Debruyne

Dr. ir. Jonas Everaert

Research topic: 
High-throughput experimentation


+32 9 264 5860 foto Jonas Everaert.png

Dr. Martha Mayorquín Torres

Research topic:

Chemical modification of renewable resources

+32 9 264 9926 Martha Mayorquin

Dr. Anna Van Luchene

Research topic:

Electrochemistry in Flow
ElectronsOnRun project

Anna Van Luchene

Assisting academic personnel

ir. Simon Backx

Research topic:

Synthesis and study of the role of quorum sensing signal molecules in
bacteria-eukaryote system

+32 9 264 9378 foto Simon Backx.png

ir. Sari Deketelaere

Research topic:

Employment of functionalized azetidin-2-ones for the synthesis of biologically
relevant C-, N- and spiro-fused beta-lactams

+32 9 264 5964

foto Sari Deketelaere.png

ir. Andreas Simoens

Research topic:

Synthesis of azaheterocyclic fosfonates & difosfonates via gold katalysis

+32 9 264 9378 foto Andreas Simoens

ir. Emma Vandenheede

Research topic:

CO2 capture by small-ring systems for the construction of pharmaceutically relevant heterocyclic building blocks

Emma Vandenheede

PhD students & Scientific personnel

Maria Batzaki

Research topic:

Telescoping reactions for greener API production

+32 9 264 5859 Maria Batzaki

Mehrsa Behruzian

Research topic:

Photochemical oxidation of 5-HMF and the subsequent HKPA polymerization to access a new bio-based polymer

Mehrsa Behruzian

ir. Elias Bonneure

Research topic:

Identification and structural-functional validation of diatom pheromones for the
study of sex signaling and life cycle evolution in pennate diatoms 

+32 9 264 5958 foto Eli Bonneure

ir. Maya Boone

Research topic:

Synthesis and structural characterization of new lanthanide coordination polymers bearing phosphonate linkers

+32 9 264 5964 Maya Boone.jpg

ir. Kato Bredael

Research topic:

Development of monocyclic carbapenem and cephalosporin derivatives to address antibiotic-resistant penicillin-binding proteins

+32 9 264 5958 Kato Bredael

ir. Eva Degroote

Research topic:

The use of plant extracts to activate crop immunity against parasitic nematodes

+32 9 226 5967 foto Eva Degroote

ir. Andreas Dejaegere

Research topic:

Development of greener methodologies for the production of pharmaceuticals

+32 9 264 5859 Andreas Dejaegere

ir. Jolien De Ketelaere

Research topic:

Development and characterisation of a prototype microreactor suitable for performing electrophotocatalytic chemistry in continuous flow

+32 9 264 9926 Jolien

ir. Stefan Desimpel

Research topic:

Development of a self-optimizing platform for photochemical oxidations in continuous flow

+32 9 264 5964 Stefan Desimpel.jpg

ir. Maarten Lootens

Research topic:

Chemical characterization of diatom-microbiome interactions under abiotic stress

+32 9 264


Maarten Lootens

ir. Katarina Magdalenic

Research topic:

Synthesis of glucocorticoid receptor agonist-mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist conjugates and their biological evaluation in the framework of multiple myeloma therapy

+32 9 264 5964 Katarina Magdalenic

ir. Felien Morlion

Research topic:

Development of steroid-based hybrid molecules to combat inflammation

Felien Morlion

ir. Jonas Mortier

Research topic:

Mechanistically novel applications of singlet oxygen: a clean alternative oxidant

+32 9 264 5860 jonas mortier

ir. Pierfrancesco Motti

Research topic:

Bioactivity-guided fractionation and chemical identification of biostimulant and biopesticide components in bioactive extracts

+32 9 264 9378 Pierfrancesco Motti.jpg

ir. Melike Pala

Research topic:

Chemical modification of sophorolipids

+32 9 264 5958 foto Melike Pala

ir. Nathan Raeymackers

Research topic:

Continuous flow synthesis of ciprofloxacin analogues

+32 9 264 5859 Nathan Raeymackers

ir. Ruben Raeymaekers

Research topic:

Chemical modification of gelatin: development of new residu specific methods for orthogonal hydrogel preparation

+32 9 264 6243 ruben

ir. Ulrike Ronse

Research topic:

Synthesis and biological assessment of novel GR-MR bivalent ligands for multiple myeloma therapy

Ulrike Ronse

ir. Casper Van Poucke

Research topic:

Development of bio-based anti-fouling agents for marine applications

+32 9 264 6243 casper

ir. Bavo Vandekerckhove

Research topic:

Solid-handling flow reactors in the scale-up of challenging thermo and photochemistry

+32 9 264 9925 bavo

ir. Marthe Vandevelde

Research topic:

Rational design and synthesis of non-hallucinogenic psilocin analogues as selective 5-HT2A receptor agonists with therapeutic potential

Marthe Vandevelde

ir. Owen Van Hecke

Research topic:

SUNGATE: SUnlight-driven Next Generation Artificial photosynthesis bio-hybrid TEchnology platform for highly efficient carbon neutral production of solar fuels

Owen Van Hecke

ir. Jelle Van Vooren

Research topic:

Development of natrual product-based herbicides (DETACH)

+32 9 264 5859 Jelle Van Vooren

Former PhD students & scientific personnel




Dr. ir. Christophe Mangodt

Research topic:

Cancer invasion and metastasis: development of a new assay

and preclinical characterization of an inhibitory mechanism

foto Christophe Mangodt

Dr. ir. Silke Geurs

Research topic:

Synthesis and exploration of HDAC6 inhibitors as anti-inflammatory agents


foto Silke Geurs.png

Laura Fernández Peña

Synthesis of novel steroid-based molecules in the framework of blood cancer therapy research


Laura Fernández Peña

Dr. Tomas Horsten

Electrochemical reactions in continuous flow reactors

Tomas Horsten

Dr. Hadi Salemi

Research topic:

Covalent organic frameworks

hadi salemi

Dr. Victor Jaoko

Research topic:

Evaluation of Melia Volkensii extracts as a potential biopesticide

against selected insect pests

foto Victor Jaoko

Gurkirat Kaur

Research topic:

Synthesis of novel bicylcic beta-lactams and their evaluation as antitubercular agents

foto Gurkirat Kaur

Dr. ir. Reinout Van Kerrebroeck

Research topic:

Halogenation reactions in continuous flow


Dr. ir. Tim Van de Walle

Research topic:

Enzymatic esterification of sugars via a continuous flow set-up

foto Tim Van de Walle.png

ir. Lore Cools

Research topic:

Aziridine-based CO2 capture en route to the synthesis of fluorinated oxazolidinones

foto Lore Cools

Dr. ir. Flore Vanden Bussche

Research topic:

Synthesis and development of carbon organic frameworks through aromatic

foto Flore Vanden Bussche.png

Dr. ir. Lena Decuyper

Research topic:

Catalyst development for optimization of a chemical heat pump for the recuperation of

industrial low-temperature residual heat​

foto Lena Decuyper

ir. Andrei Stanca

Research topic:

Enzymatic esterification of sugars via a continuous flow set-up


foto Andrei Stanca.png

ir. Laurens Desot

Research topic:

Continuous flow technology & renewable resources for adhesive applications


foto Laurens Desot

Dr. ir. Stein Mincke

Research topic:

Sustainable chemical modifications of biopolymers


Stein Mincke.jpg

Dr. ir. Pieter Naert

Research topic:

Production of short-chain fatty acids and isolation from fermentation media



Dr. ir. Laurens De Coen

Research topic:

Towards an industrial continuous flow platform (ATOM2)


foto Laurens De Coen.png

Dr. ir. Yves Depetter

Research topic:

Design and development of new selective HDAC6 inhibitors with applications in 
cancer therapy 

DSC03737 (2).JPG

Dr. ir. Frederike Stock

Research topic:

Inter-kingdom crosstalk via quorum sensing compounds in diatom-bacteria biofilms

Dr. ir. Atiruj Theppawong

Research topic:

Synthesis and biological assessment of unconventional curcumin analogs in
cancer research


Dr. ir. Melissa Van Overtveldt

Research topic:

Synthesis of strigolactone and karrikin analogues by gold mediated


Dr. ir. Arno Verlee

Research topic:

Alleviating oxidative stress effects via innovative gold catalysis for an improved
biomass production

Dr. ir. Sofie Seghers

Research topic:

Mesoporous silicas and zeolites as heterogeneous catalyst for micro- and
millireactor technology 

ir. Aleksandra Minic

Research topic:

Design and synthesis of ferrocene-containing quinolines
as potential antimalarial agents

foto Aleksandra Minic

Dr. ir. Hang Dao Thi

Research topic:

Generation and application of 2-oxoazetidin-4yl anions for the construction
of new, biologically relevant C-, N- and spiro-fused beta-lactams

Yoshi Mertens

Research topic:

Synthesis and evaluation of pyrabactine analogues

Dr. ir. Marine Movsisyan

Research topic:

Exploration of continuous flow strategies for the valorisation of renewable

Foto Marine Movsisyan.png

Dr. ir. Evelien Uitterhaegen

Research topic:

Use of Coriander for industrial applications

Dr. ir. Jan Berton

Research topic:

Synthesis and reactivity study of aminoallenylphosphonates

Dr. ir. Rob De Vreese

Research topic:

Synthesis of functionalized hydroxamic acids as novel 
HDAC6 inhibitors

Dr. ir. Jeroen Dolfen

Research topic:

New entries into valuable azaheterocyclic compounds via selective 
rearrangement of functionalized aziridines and azetidines

Dr. ir. Nicola Piens

Research topic:

Synthesis of new beta-lactam compounds and assessment of 
their chemical reactivity and biological applications

Dr. ir. Ewout Ruysbergh

Research topic:

Study of fatty acid modifications and metabolism on the activity of
quorum sensing molecules and lipopeptides produced by Pseudomonas spp 

Dr. ir. Sigrid Verhasselt

Research topic:

Development of small-molecule inhibitors of nonmuscle myosin II as
chemical tools and antimetastatic therapeutics 

Ir. Geert Janssens

Research topic:

Development of a method for the detection of the abuse of natural
hormones with bovines by means of GC/C/IRMS

Dr. M.Sc. Michail Syrpas

Research topic:

Isolation, identification and functional characterisation of bioactive 
metabolites and quorum sensing systems in diatoms 

Dr. ir. Elena Semina

Research topic:

Study of biologically relevant functionalized amino acid derivatives:
synthesis and isolation 

Dr. M.Sc. Gustavo Scalone



Dr. M.Sc. Anka Pejovic

Research topic:

Aza-Michael additions of aromatic amines to conjugated ketones toward 
the synthesis of new and biologically interesting ferrocene derivatives

Dr. ir. Koen Muylaert

Research topic:

Synthesis of novel and drug-lie compound libraries for screening across
a broad range of therapeutic areas

Dr. M.Sc. Matthias Moens

Research topic:

New strategies for the synthesis of fluorinated hetero- and carbocyclic

Dr. ir. Iris Wauters

Research topic:

Diversity oriented synthesis based on the bevianamide scaffold for the 
development of physiologically active compounds 

M.Sc. Sandra Giraldo Clemente

Research topic:

Synthesis and bioactivity of humulone derivatives

Dr. ir. Elisabeth Delbeke

Research topic:

Innovative sophorolipide and rahmnolipide analogues with tailor-made
physicochemical properties

Dr. ir. Wouter Debrouwer

Research topic:

Synthesis of phosphonylated azadienes as building block for
azaheterocyclic phophonates

Dr. ir. Tamara Meiresonne

Research topic:

Synthesis of new fluorinated and non-fluorinated amino acid derivatives

Dr. ir Karen Mollet

Research topic:

Stereoselective synthesis of beta-lactams and their use in multicom-
ponent reactions 

M.Sc. Annick Bossou

Research topic:

Chemical study and biological activities (insect repellent, insecticide,
antiplasmodial) of plant extract from Benin

Ir. Davy Cappoen

Research topic:

Discovery and biological evaluation of novel heterocyclic antitubercular
drug candidates

Dr. ir Filip Colpaert

Research topic:

N-tert-Butanesulfinyl imidates as novel building blocks in the synthesis of
bioactive compounds

Dr. ir. Cédric Maton

Research topic:

Development of peralkylated imidazolium ionic liquids for materials

Dr. ir. Nils De Vos

Research topic:

Development of azabicyclic ionic liquids for materials processing


M.Sc. Matteo Ciprian

Research topic:

Development of a chemical heat pump for low value heat valorization

Dr. ir. Stijn De Brabandere

Research topic:

New applications of N-sulfinyl imines in the synthesis of heterocyclic
compounds and amino acid derivatives

M.Sc. Martyna Jatczak

Research topic:

Synthesis of novel and drug-like compound libraries for screening
across a broad range of therapeutic areas

Dr. Jean-Christophe Monbaliu

Research topic:

Synthesis of highly efficient gas/liquid photomicroreactor systems

Dr. ir Yahya Nural

Research topic;

Asymmetric synthesis of conformationally constrained cyclic diamino acid
derivatives and their application in the asymmetric synthesis of new potential
biologically active diamino acid derivatives

Dr. ir. Lydia Protasova

Research topic:

Enhancing reaction speed in continuous flow by excess reagent

Dr. Klicia Sampaio

Research topic:

Enzyme and Cavitation technology for sustainable degumming of
vegetable oils

Dr. Junko Tsukamoto

Research topic:

Enzyme and Cavitation technology for sustainable degumming of
vegetable oils

Dr. ir. Stéphanie Vandekerckhove

Research topic:

New approaches towards functionalized quinolines with
antimalarial and/or antifungal properties

Dr. ir. Frederik Van Waes

Research topic:

Continuous Flow technology for reactions difficult to scale-up