Prof dr. ir. Christian Stevens

Research topics:

Heterocyclic Synthesis

Microreactor Technology

Chemical modification of Renewable Resources

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Prof dr. ir. Matthias D'hooghe

Research topics:

Heterocyclic chemistry

Synthesis of bioactive compounds

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Prof dr. ir. Sven Mangelinckx

Research topics:

Chemistry of non-proteinogenic amino acids

Chemistry of small-membered azaheterocycles

Isolation, analysis and synthesis of bioactive natural products

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Administrative staff

Ans Van Nieuwenhuyse

+32 9 264 9379 Ans Van Nieuwenhuyse

Technical staff

Els Van Hende

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Pieter Zwaenepoel


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Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. ing. Bart Roman

Research topic:

Development of N-Cadherin Antagonists as Antimetastatic Agents

+32 9 264 5962 Foto Bart Roman

Dr. ir. Thomas Heugebaert

Research topic:

Development of highly efficient gas/liquid photomicroreactor systems


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Assisting academic personnel

ir. Simon Backx

Research topic:

Synthesis and study of the role of quorum sensing signal molecules in
bacteria-eukaryote systems


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ir. Sari Deketelaere

Research topic:

Employment of functionalized azetidin-2-ones for the synthesis of biologically
relevant C-, N- and spiro-fused beta-lactams

+32 9 264 5964

foto Sari Deketelaere.png

ir. Stein Mincke

Research topic:

Sustainable chemical modifications of biopolymers


+32 9 264 5958 Foto Stein Mincke

PhD students & Scientific personnel

ir. Elias Bonneure

Research topic:

Identification and structural-functional validation of diatom pheromones for the
study of sex signaling and life cycle evolution in pennate diatoms 

+32 9 264 5958 Elias Bonneure

ir. Laurens De Coen

Research topic:

Towards an industrial continuous flow platform (ATOM2)


+32 9 264 5962 foto Laurens De Coen.png

ir. Maarten Debruyne

Research topic:

New methodologies for the synthesis of functional carbon organic frameworks

+32 9 264 9925 foto Maarten Debruyne

ir. Lena Decuyper

Research topic:

Synthesis and evaluation of new inhibitors of penicillin-binding proteins from
resistant bacteria en route to new antibacterial agents

+32 9 264 5964 Lena Decuyper

ir. Yves Depetter

Research topic:

Design and development of new selective HDAC6 inhibitors with applications in
cancer therapy 

+32 9 264 5860 Yves Depetter

ir. Jonas Everaert

Research topic: 

Synthesis and development of carbon organic frameworks for photochemical 

+32 9 264 9925 foto Jonas Everaert.png

Victor Jaoko

Research topic:

Evaluation of Melia Volkensii extracts as a potential biopesticide

against selected insect pests

foto Victor Jaoko

ir. Silke Geurs

Research topic:

Synthesis and exploration of HDAC6 inhibitors as anti-inflammatory agents

+32 9 264 9926 foto Silke Geurs.png

ir. Christophe Mangodt

Research topic:

Cancer invasion and metastasis: development of a new assay

and preclinical characterization of an inhibitory mechanism

foto Christophe Mangodt

ir. Pieter Naert

Research topic:

Production of short-chain fatty acids and isolation from fermentation media


+32 9 264 5860 Foto Pieter Naert

ir. Melike Pala

Research topic:

Chemical modification of sophorolipids

+32 9 264 5958 foto Melike Pala

ir. Andrei Stanca

Research topic:

Enzymatic esterification of sugars via a continuous flow set-up


+32 9 264 9378 foto Andrei Stanca.png

ir. Frederike Stock

Research topic:

Inter-kingdom crosstalk via quorum sensing compounds in diatom-bacteria biofilms


Foto Frederike Stock

ir. Atiruj Theppawong

Research topic:

Synthesis and biological assessment of unconventional curcumin analogs in
cancer research

+32 9 264 6243 Foto Atiruj Theppawong

ir. Reinout Van Kerrebroeck

Research topic:

Halogenation reactions in continuous flow


+32 9 264 9378 Foto Reinout Van Kerrebroeck

ir. Melissa Van Overtveldt

Research topic:

Synthesis of strigolactone and karrikin analogues by gold mediated

+32 9 264 5964 Melissa Van Overtveldt

ir. Flore Vanden Bussche

Research topic:

Synthesis and development of carbon organic frameworks through aromatic

+32 9 264 6243 foto Flore Vanden Bussche.png

ir. Tim Van de Walle

Research topic:

Explorations in quinoline chemistry - towards the development of novel 
piperidine-quinoline hybrids with antimalarial activity and nitroxoline analogs
with anti-tumor activity

+32 9 264 9926 foto Tim Van de Walle.png

ir. Arno Verlee

Research topic:

Alleviating oxidative stress effects via innovative gold catalysis for an improved
biomass production

+32 9 264 9926 Foto Arno Verlee

Former PhD students & scientific personnel




Dr. ir. Sofie Seghers

Research topic:

Mesoporous silicas and zeolites as heterogeneous catalyst for micro- and
millireactor technology 

Foto Sofie Seghers

ir. Aleksandra Minic

Research topic:

Design and synthesis of ferrocene-containing quinolines
as potential antimalarial agents

foto Aleksandra Minic

Dr. ir. Hang Dao Thi

Research topic:

Generation and application of 2-oxoazetidin-4yl anions for the construction
of new, biologically relevant C-, N- and spiro-fused beta-lactams

Hang Dao Thi

Yoshi Mertens

Research topic:

Synthesis and evaluation of pyrabactine analogues

Foto Yoshi Mertens

Dr. ir. Marine Movsisyan

Research topic:

Exploration of continuous flow strategies for the valorisation of renewable

Foto Marine Movsisyan.png

Dr. ir. Evelien Uitterhaegen

Research topic:

Use of Coriander for industrial applications

foto Evelien Uitterhaegen

Dr. ir. Jan Berton

Research topic:

Synthesis and reactivity study of aminoallenylphosphonates

Foto Jan Berton

Dr. ir. Rob De Vreese

Research topic:

Synthesis of functionalized hydroxamic acids as novel 
HDAC6 inhibitors

Foto Rob De Vreese

Dr. ir. Jeroen Dolfen

Research topic:

New entries into valuable azaheterocyclic compounds via selective 
rearrangement of functionalized aziridines and azetidines

Foto Jeroen Dolfen

Dr. ir. Nicola Piens

Research topic:

Synthesis of new beta-lactam compounds and assessment of 
their chemical reactivity and biological applications

Foto Nicola Piens

Dr. ir. Ewout Ruysbergh

Research topic:

Study of fatty acid modifications and metabolism on the activity of
quorum sensing molecules and lipopeptides produced by Pseudomonas spp 

Foto Ewout Ruysbergh

Dr. ir. Sigrid Verhasselt

Research topic:

Development of small-molecule inhibitors of nonmuscle myosin II as
chemical tools and antimetastatic therapeutics 

Foto Sigrid Verhasselt

Ir. Geert Janssens

Research topic:

Development of a method for the detection of the abuse of natural
hormones with bovines by means of GC/C/IRMS

Dr. M.Sc. Michail Syrpas

Research topic:

Isolation, identification and functional characterisation of bioactive 
metabolites and quorum sensing systems in diatoms 

Foto Michail Syrpas

Dr. ir. Elena Semina

Research topic:

Study of biologically relevant functionalized amino acid derivatives:
synthesis and isolation 

Foto Elena Semina

Dr. M.Sc. Gustavo Scalone



Foto Gustavo Scalone

Dr. M.Sc. Anka Pejovic

Research topic:

Aza-Michael additions of aromatic amines to conjugated ketones toward 
the synthesis of new and biologically interesting ferrocene derivatives

Foto Anka Pejovic

Dr. ir. Koen Muylaert

Research topic:

Synthesis of novel and drug-lie compound libraries for screening across
a broad range of therapeutic areas

Foto Koen Muylaert

Dr. M.Sc. Matthias Moens

Research topic:

New strategies for the synthesis of fluorinated hetero- and carbocyclic

Foto Matthias Moens

Dr. ir. Iris Wauters

Research topic:

Diversity oriented synthesis based on the bevianamide scaffold for the 
development of physiologically active compounds 

Foto Iris Wauters

M.Sc. Sandra Giraldo Clemente

Research topic:

Synthesis and bioactivity of humulone derivatives

Sandra Giraldo Clemente

Dr. ir. Elisabeth Delbeke

Research topic:

Innovative sophorolipide and rahmnolipide analogues with tailor-made
physicochemical properties

Foto Elisabeth Delbeke

Dr. ir. Wouter Debrouwer

Research topic:

Synthesis of phosphonylated azadienes as building block for
azaheterocyclic phophonates

Foto Wouter De Brouwer

Dr. ir. Tamara Meiresonne

Research topic:

Synthesis of new fluorinated and non-fluorinated amino acid derivatives

Foto Tamara Meiresonne

Dr. ir Karen Mollet

Research topic:

Stereoselective synthesis of beta-lactams and their use in multicom-
ponent reactions 

Foto Karen Mollet

M.Sc. Annick Bossou

Research topic:

Chemical study and biological activities (insect repellent, insecticide,
antiplasmodial) of plant extract from Benin

Foto Annick Bossou

Ir. Davy Cappoen

Research topic:

Discovery and biological evaluation of novel heterocyclic antitubercular
drug candidates

No picture available

Dr. ir Filip Colpaert

Research topic:

N-tert-Butanesulfinyl imidates as novel building blocks in the synthesis of
bioactive compounds

Foto Filip Colpaert

Dr. ir. Cédric Maton

Research topic:

Development of peralkylated imidazolium ionic liquids for materials

Foto Cédric Maton

Dr. ir. Nils De Vos

Research topic:

Development of azabicyclic ionic liquids for materials processing


Foto Nils De Vos

M.Sc. Matteo Ciprian

Research topic:

Development of a chemical heat pump for low value heat valorization

Foto Matteo Ciprian

Dr. ir. Stijn De Brabandere

Research topic:

New applications of N-sulfinyl imines in the synthesis of heterocyclic
compounds and amino acid derivatives

Foto Stijn De Brabandere

M.Sc. Martyna Jatczak

Research topic:

Synthesis of novel and drug-like compound libraries for screening
across a broad range of therapeutic areas

Foto Martyna Jatczak

Dr. Jean-Christophe Monbaliu

Research topic:

Synthesis of highly efficient gas/liquid photomicroreactor systems

Jean-Christophe Monbaliu

Dr. ir Yahya Nural

Research topic;

Asymmetric synthesis of conformationally constrained cyclic diamino acid
derivatives and their application in the asymmetric synthesis of new potential
biologically active diamino acid derivatives

Foto Yahya Nural

Dr. ir. Lydia Protasova

Research topic:

Enhancing reaction speed in continuous flow by excess reagent

Dr. Klicia Sampaio

Research topic:

Enzyme and Cavitation technology for sustainable degumming of
vegetable oils

Foto Klicia Sampaio

Dr. Junko Tsukamoto

Research topic:

Enzyme and Cavitation technology for sustainable degumming of
vegetable oils

Foto Junko Tsukamoto

Dr. ir. Stéphanie Vandekerckhove

Research topic:

New approaches towards functionalized quinolines with
antimalarial and/or antifungal properties

Foto Stéphanie Vandekerckhove

Dr. ir. Frederik Van Waes

Research topic:

Continuous Flow technology for reactions difficult to scale-up

Foto Frederik Van Waes