Dilani Rathnayake


My Ph.D. project will focus on the use of biomass-derived carbons (BCs) and BC derived products for soil amendment and in soilless growing media. This project is supervised by Prof. Frederik Ronsse (Ghent University, Belgium) and Dr. Ondřej Mašek (UKBRC, University of Edinburgh). Funding for the work is through the Green Carbon Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network (European Commission). The main objectives of my Ph.D. project provide a scientific basis for matching BCs to applications based on their characteristics and desired performance indicators, develop a comprehensive understanding of fate and effect of contaminants in pyrolysis, biochar, and its applications, thus addressing industries’ growing concerns in recycling and re-use of organic materials. As an outcome, I am expected to develop guidelines for matching BCs to specific applications based on their characteristics and to provide a firm basis for assessment of environmental and health risks associated with contaminants in biochar.