Guidelines for submitting the curriculum for final evaluation

PhD students who have a compulsory programme or who want to obtain the certificate of the Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) need to submit their curriculum for final evaluation when finishing their PhD thesis. PhD students are requested to do this 20 working days prior to the faculty board meeting deciding upon admittance to the doctoral exam. Items that will be checked at this point are the three conference contributions, as well as the doctoral defence.

REMARK: Should the public defence be scheduled in the following academic year, it is advisable to re-enrol before submitting the curriculum for final evaluation. Please submit the annual self-reflection report as soon as possible, re-enrol and immediately submit the curriculum for final evaluation. In case of doubt (e.g. the faculty board meeting is scheduled in June or early July), please contact the Doctoral School Office (

Log in to OASIS and select ‘Edit curriculum’ for the current academic year, then click "curriculum" under "Actions."

  • Choose small pencil on your right next to ‘Research Related Activities’
  • Same for ‘2.4. Doctoral defence’


  • Tick small cross


  • Finally: ‘Back to overview’
  • Tick box next to student number > on top: ‘Submit for approval’