About us

Global strategic goals of the department of Architecture and Urban Planning

The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning aims to provide high-quality education, to train young researchers and to carry out academic research, focusing on the design component of the architectural discipline, in the branches of knowledge of architecture, building technology and urban planning.

More specifically the department provides education and research in

  • Theory and history of architecture, construction and urbanism
  • Building technology, building physics and building services
  • Urban and architectural design and design-related fields of knowledge, e.g. graphic communication and computer aided design

The department also provides scholarly services and services to the community based on the expertise related to the academic disciplines mentioned above.

Concerning the education, the department aims to develop a comprehensive and innovative program in architectural design, supported by the technical and scientific knowledge of the engineer and by the historical and theoretical knowledge of the broad context of architecture and urbanism.

The education, especially during the Master's program, is on the one hand supported by research activities carried out in the different research groups and laboratories of the department, and is otherwise related to the design practice and the current developments in architecture and urban design.

The education builds upon a broad intellectual and cultural openness, and active internationalization of research and education.