Who are we?

LoWatter is a service of Ghent University. Ghent University has been conducting scientific research into Legionella in domestic hot water systems for many years. Central to this research is the balance between health and energy savings.

As part of Ghent University, we can always count on support from the University and we are at the basis of the most recent scientific developments.

What are we doing?

Recently we have also become active in practice, bringing our knowledge to the professional field. In first instance, we want to provide case-specific knowledge about disinfection and energy savings through consultancy. In addition, we also advise on the design and monitoring of hot water installations. Moreover, we can carry out more specific R&D with our Legionella test setup.

How do we accomplish this?

We offer a structural solution to root out your Legionella problem.

In concrete terms, this means that we can quickly and efficiently identify the cause of an infection in a hot water system, using our UGent know-how and our predictive Legionella pneumophila simulation model. This self-developed dynamic simulation model makes it possible to calculate the Legionella concentration at any point in the system for each case-specific system.

Moreover, we can compare case specific solutions in order find the most sustainable and (cost) effective solution before implementing it in practice.

What makes our technology unique?

The solutions we propose are sustainable, the fact that we do not add any chemicals to the drinking water makes our technology unique.

Our methodology is also unique. We combine measurements, monitoring and simulations. These provide a better insight in the entire hot water system and an effective solution by tackling the cause.

What is our target market?

We focus on both residential and public buildings with a large hot water demand, such as apartment buildings, residential care centers, sports complexes, hotels and hospitals.

How can we serve you?

Does your building have a Legionella problem? Do you think we can do something for you or would you like more information, feel free to contact us for an exploratory talk at info@LoWatter.com. Every question will be treated confidentially.


Funding by: IOF (UGent), VLAIO