Architectural Histories. The online open access journal of the EAHN

Since early 2013 Architectural Histories is online, the academic publication of the European Architectural History Network. It was founded by Maarten Delbeke, in close collaboration with the officers of the EAHN and the members of the Editorial Board. Since the publication is primarily digital, contributions are published as soon as they have passed the process of peer review, revisions and copy-editing.

The journal is also in open access, which signifies that all content is freely available; publication costs are covered by the authors and their institutions, the EAHN and currently, thanks to a generous grant, the NWO. 
Architectural Histories intends to create a space where historically grounded research into all aspects of architecture and the built environment can be made public, consulted, and discussed.

The journal is open to historical, historiographic, theoretical, and critical contributions that engage with architecture and the built environment from a historical perspective.

Project Info

Research group: Theory and History of Architecture
Start date: 2013
Researchers: Maarten Delbeke and Nele De Raedt

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