The ECO-Life project demonstrates the development of the zero-carbon social housing neighbourhood “Venning” in Kortrijk, from the conceptual phase to the first operational years. The Building Physics research group analyses the actual energy performance of the dwellings during construction works and during occupation. Key research topics: extensive monitoring of the energy flows and comfort during the first operational years, energy-efficiency of the district heating grid and heat production from biomass sources, comparison of different ventilation concepts in use, quality assurance tests of the building envelope, energy feedback…

The ECO-Life project (2010-2016) is a demonstration project under the CONCERTO-initiative of the European Commission (FP7), with demonstration sites and partners in Belgium (Kortrijk) and Denmark (Hoje-Taastrup). The Belgian partners are: social housing company Goedkope Woning, BUROII & ARCHI+I, Ghent University, E-Ster, Ingenium, evr-architects.

Project Info

Research group: Building Physics
Start date: 2014
Staff: Arnold Janssens, Eline Himpe, Julio Vaillant, Marc Delghust and Jelle Laverge