Exhibition Orban Space: Luc Deleu – T.O.P. office

The exhibition Orban Space: Luc Deleu – T.O.P. office centres upon Orban Space, the latest research project initiated by T.O.P. office in 2006. Orban Space brings to full circle the ambition of T.O.P. office to develop a theoretical framework and a practical methodology to think about public space on a global scale, and ultimately to develop suitable strategies to design it.

The exhibition intends to provide unforeseen perspectives and to unveil new ensembles within the oeuvre of Luc Deleu – T.O.P. office. To this end, it advances five thematic clusters – devices, media, dimensions, movements, and realities-that retrace the many recurrent operations, actions and strategies that mark the work and practice of Deleu – T.O.P. office over the past decades.

Newly produced work is put into an historical perspective by means of older works and projects, sketches, models, design tools and archival documents from 1969 to 2013, many of which have never been shown to the public to this date.

Project Info

Research group: Theory and History of Architecture
Duration: from 20-01-2013 until 24-03-2013
Researchers: Wouter Davidts and Stefaan Vervoort



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