Transition to Sustainable Building Stock & Transport System for Achieving Energy Efficiency in Growing Cities: A Case Study of Lahore Pakistan

The study is intended to gain insight on approaches towards making building stock energy efficient and along with making the adjacent transport system sustainable in relation to the buildings.

The study would involve analysis of energy consumption pattern of buildings along BRT corridor in Lahore and its retrofitting in way that makes them energy efficient, contributing less to the greenhouse gas emissions in the environment. Besides, it would evaluate emissions from the transport network and what interventions can be sought out for minimizing the impact in relation to the buildings. The research outcome would serve as a guide for the city stakeholders on how to move towards sustainable practices for combating climate change, reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Project Info

Research group: Building Physics
Start date: 2019
Researchers: Nida Batool Sheikh and Jelle Laverge