Triple-A. Tailored energy renovation advice

Triple-A is an Interreg 2 Seas project under the programme priority “Low carbon technologies”. It aims to increase the adoption of low-carbon technologies by individual home-owners through rising awareness and securing easy access to the technologies that fit their needs. This will be aimed for by the combined use of web-portal functionalities, pop-up stores, demonstration projects and home energy monitoring systems. Triple-A brings together partners from 4 European countries: TU Delft (NL) as project coordinator, Ghent University (BE), Eandis (BE), Kent County Council (UK), City of Antwerp (BE), City of Mechelen (BE), Autonomous Municipal Company – Energy Saving Oostende (BE), Public Service of energy Efficiency in Picardië (FR) and City of Rotterdam (NL). Three teams within UGent participate in this project.

Our research group participates in the development of online web-portal functionalities targeted directly towards individual home-owners. We are developing a cost and energy savings estimation method for the most common low carbon technologies for space heating. It is based on pre-calculated energy use figures for large variations of building properties, user profiles and housing typologies. Its implementation by the local authorities in their respective web portals, using their local energy and technology prices, will allow more accurate and tailored advice towards individual home-owners using the web-portals. To pre-calculate the large number of energy use figures required for this tailored advice, we can make use of an already existing, in-house developed software tool. This tool automates the energy use simulations for varying building and user properties. It uses BIM-software to link parametric building typologies to a simplified, though multi-zone heat-balance calculation model that can take into account different user profiles.

Project Info

Research group: Building Physics
Start date: 2017
Researchers: Marc Delghust and Wolf Bracke