Michiel Dehaene

Michiel Dehaene (1971) associate professor at the department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Ghent University, where he teaches courses in urban analysis and design. 
After his Architecture studies at KULeuven (1994), he obtained a Master's degree in Urban Design from Harvard University (1997). He completed his doctoral studies at KULeuven (2002) with a dissertation on the British survey movement. He was an assistant professor in urbanism at Eindhoven University of Technology (2004-2011) and taught classes in Urban Design in the European Master Program in Urbanism at KULeuven (2002-2011). 

His work focuses on the epistemology of urbanism, dispersed urbanization and the interrelation between urbanization and design. He edited with Lieven De Cauter the volume Heterotopia and the City (2008). He published in the Journal of Architecture, Journal of Planning Education Research, Town Planning Review, Journal of Architecture, De Architect, Archis, A+U and OASE.

Research Projects Michiel Dehaene