In the media

On sustainability

Presentation on the conference Sustainable Design & Manufacturing 2021

Presentation by Bert Vuylsteke, Presentation of 'Pathway for Designing with New DIY, Circular and Biobased Materials: Insights from three case studies'. In this article we present a pathway with open guidelines to support today's designers in designing with the emerging circular, bio-based materials. This article was presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (Singapore). It was also published in the proceedings of the conference and can be found via the following link. This article will also be included in the book "Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies". 

Open-ended Design, Intentional Imperfections to support Change 

Presentation by Francesca Ostuzzi on Reciprocity / Luik / 2018

Introduction over open-ended design

Content: introduction on open-ended design by Prof. Francesca Ostuzzi, what is design, how do designers learn, open-ended design and some examples.

Research podcast 21st Century Design 

In this podcast Prof. Francesca Ostuzzi gives her opinion on 5 questions related to product design.