What we do

We offer scientific insights and practical support in the field of product development, specifically from our pillars around sustainability, industry and education. Besides cooperation with our research labs, there are several other forms of cooperation possible as shown in the overview below.

Projectspecific services

Projects with students

The research group is strongly linked to the study program Industrial Engineering at the UGent Campus in Kortrijk. There are various opportunities for companies to work together with students.

Projects with researchers

Many different forms of cooperation are possible in which you as a company can cooperate with our researchers. This can be done through one-on-one projects in which we can offer services (transfer of knowledge) or act as a partner (building new knowledge) in which you can possibly apply for funding (depending on the nature and size of the project).

Collective projects

We always have collective research projects ongoing in which certain collaborations may also be possible.

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    Workshops and Lectures

    Workshop "Co-creating Circular Values" 

    In this workshop, in cooperation with Design Regio Kortrijk, we explain the most important concepts of sustainable and circular design and together with companies we will do some exercises within their own company context.

    Customized workshop

    We can also develop a workshop tailored to your company's needs within the pillars of sustainability, industry and education.


    Very often, we also give lectures on product development from our research pillars on education, sustainability and industry.

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    Research labs

    Learning Lab

    In our Learning Lab, we exchange knowledge on teaching and learning methods and offer training to industry and academic partners by implementing design-based methodologies, such as the Design Thinking methodology and game-based learning.



    The Bio-Makerspace is a new creative space where students and companies learn to apply the basic principle of Design for a Circular Economy by making prototypes and experimenting with DIY, bio-based and circular materials.


    Computational Design & Fabrication Lab

    In this lab, we explore and combine the latest digital design techniques with digital production techniques. We explore these digital techniques in order to identify opportunities for new designs.

    Beeld computational design

    Digital Design Tools Lab

    In our Digital Design Tools lab, we investigate how to use existing digital tools such as Virtual Reality as efficiently as possible in the design process.

    Virtual Reality

    Product Design Lab for New Industrial Production (Industry 5.0)

    In our Product Design Lab for new industrial production, we will look at how to design products and product systems so that they can be easily and efficiently produced in the manufacturing companies of today and tomorrow


    Medical Product Design Lab

    In our Medical Product Development lab, in addition to technical aspects, we also investigate the interactions with patients, doctors, nurses, etc. with the aim of designing the most optimal medical product system

    Breastboard, an example of medical productdesign

    Overview and additional information on these labs.