Growing materials instead of extracting them? The Bio-Makerspace is a new creative space in our design workshop at Kortrijk Campus. Here, students and companies can learn to apply the basic principle of Design for a Circular Economy by making prototypes and experimenting with DIY, bio-based and circular materials. The laboratory is co-funded by Circular Flanders.


In the Bio-Makerspace, we combine DIY and GIY (grow it yourself) materials with various transformation technologies. Our experiments focus on discovering possible applications of existing front-end materials. Our goal is to increase the expertise of our students Industrial Design, UGent Campus Kortrijk towards the implementation and reuse of bio-based by-products in their design process and results.


  • Stoneflower 3D-printer
  • Autoclave
  • Incubator
  • Laminar Flow
  • etc.

Examples of products, services and associated products




Completed projects

We have several ongoing projects, which aim to implement circular bio-based alternatives in our design education. Projects are carried out by students, within the course Cybernetics and Systems Design or as master thesis. Visit the website for more info.