About design.nexus


The design.nexus research group of UGent Campus Kortrijk aims to build bridges between education, sustainability and industry in the field of technology-driven design and change processes of innovative product/service and consumption/production systems. The group implements interdisciplinary design strategies and practices together with industry and public and private sector organizations.

Domain and focus

Within design.nexus, we conduct research into product development from different lenses or focal points. 

  • From the focus .sustainability we study the sustainability of products but this in a broad system context in which all interactions and processes in relation to the product system are considered. 
  • From the focus .industry, we investigate how to design for changing production contexts and new digital technologies. Here, we not only pay attention to the possibilities of these technologies, but also to the designer and the people who work in these production contexts.
  • In addition, within .education, we also conduct research into various forms and methodologies within project-based education and specifically within design education. Here, we also look very closely at the ideal interaction between students, companies and other organizations.   



Within design.nexus we have several running research projects, including some doctoral research. See our current research projects on the research projects page.


design.nexus can offer support in many different ways.  Take a look at our various services and possible ways of cooperation and our different research labs.

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Industrial Design Center

The design.nexus research group is active in the Industrial Design Center at the UGent Campus Kortrijk, an open living lab where industry, research, society and education meet and co-create. 
Within design.nexus, we therefore strongly follow a research through design method in which we interact with the design process at different levels. This is also reflected in the structure of the Industrial Design Center

idcIndustrial Design Center Campus Kortrijk - © UGent, foto Jonas Vandecasteele