Prof. dr. Jan Detand

afbeelding Jan Detand

  • Head of 
  • Design & engineering for industry 5.0
  • Design for healthcare

Jan Detand

Prof. dr. Jan Devos

afbeelding Jan Devos
  • IT
  • Innovationmanagement
  • Entrepreneurship

Jan Devos

Prof. dr. Francesca Ostuzzi

afbeelding Francesca Ostuzzi
  • Sustainability
  • System Oriented Design

Francesca Ostuzzi

Prof. dr. Bas Baccarne

Bas Baccarne
  • Design for empowerment
  • Inclusive design
  • design for futures
  • design for impact

Bas Baccarne

Researchers / Lecturers

dr. Ing. Davy Parmentier

afbeelding Davy Parmentier
  • Design for Industry 5.0
  • Industrial collaborations
  • Design for easy and intuïtive assembly & disassembly
  • Design Methods & Practice
  • Computational Design

Davy Parmentier

dr. Ing. Lore Brosens

Lore Brosens
  • Researching, developing and measuring essential skills of industrial designers for new industries within project-based education. 

Lore Brosens

Ing. Yannick Christiaens

afbeelding Yannick Christiaens
  • Additive Manufacturing (AM) for product design
  • Computational design and fabrication

Yannick Christiaens

Ing. Olivier Rysman

afbeelding Olivier Rysman
  • omputational Design (CAD/CAM)
  • CAD and surface modelling
  • 3D scanning and Reverse Engineering
  • Virtual Reality

Olivier Rysman

Ria Vandekerckhove

Ria Vandekerckhove
  • product sketches and form study

Ria Vandekerckhove

Ing. Bram Carton

Bram Carton

  • Graphic and logo design

Bram Carton

Ing. Guillaume Segaert

Guillaume Segaert
  • Communicative Design, Quick Sketches, Subdivision Modelling and Virtual Reality.
Guillaume Segaert

Ing. Pieter Beerten

Pieter Beerten

  • Researcher, Living Lab Hennep+


Ing. Louise Dumon

Louise Dumon
  • PhD research: cocreating sustainable values with open-ended design

Louise Dumon

MSc Ellen De Vos

Ellen De Vos
  • PhD research: Understanding the meaning of design in collaborative future scenarios building

Ellen De Vos

MSc Melis Örnekoğlu Selçuk

Melis Örnekoğlu Selçuk

  • PhD research: Research-through-Design for Developing a Co-design Facilitator’s Game

Melis Örnekoğlu Selçuk

Ing. Bert Vuylsteke

Bert Vuylsteke

  • PhD research: research on the opportunities of circular and bio-based materials for product design

Bert Vuylsteke

MTech. Kyle Brand

Kyle Brand
  • PhD Research: POLYMATH INTERPOLATION IN TRANSDISCIPLINARY OPEN-ENDED DESIGN: Developing a strategy for building an artificial nest for the Southern Ground Hornbill 
Kyle Brand

MMed (Dr.) Jan Herregodts

Jan Herregodts

  • PhD research: Development of a novel total elbow arthroplasty design based on new insight into the anatomy and biomechanics of the elbow

Jan Herregodts