Ing. Yannick Christiaens

afbeelding Yannick Christiaens


  • Product styling and form giving
  • Computational design and digital manufacturing
  • Prototyping

Short CV

Yannick Christiaens graduated as a master industrial sciences in industrial design back in 2008. After a career in bicycle industry as product developer/ manager he returned to Ghent university as scientific assistant on the Vlaio Tetra project on design for low volume manufacturing. The goal of our research was to develop a road map, design methodology and tech database to tackle the issues related to low volume manufacturing in a (cost) effective way.
We tested our roadmap together with various companies who participated in the project.(to the blogspot of the project). Currently Yannick take up a role as project coach and education counsellor in various bachelor and master courses in the industrial design education program; prototyping for industrial designers, lab sessions industrial manufacturing (desktop CNC/ injection molding/ AM …), product styling an form giving, computational design (rhino + grasshopper), clay modelling