Learning Lab

What we do

In our Learning Lab, we discuss our experiences and exchange knowledge in teaching and learning methods suitable for the university environment and the marketplace. We keep an open dialogue with traditional industry and creative industry (e.g., museums) and other learning labs to keep delivering relevant design curricula and work-ready graduates. We offer training to industry and academic partners from non-design disciplines for the latest or/and established methods for developing resilient skills and mindset by implementing design-based methodologies, such as the Design Thinking methodology and game-based learning.

How we do it

The Learning Lab meets periodically at the Industrial Design Center at our campus Kortrijk. We gather physically or in a digital mode to talk about challenges in learning and organize interactive sessions wherein we test and refine our methods for teaching and learning.  We listen to our students’ struggles and needs and brainstorm with industry to co-create briefs that address pressing contemporary industry challenges into the classroom. We provide training opportunities and workshops where we share learning materials and resources for free and for all.

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The goals of the Learning Lab are: 

  • To test and refine methods relevant to contemporary teaching and professional practice  
  • To identify silos and ‘blind’ spots in learning in collaboration with other fields and non-design disciplines 
  • To create roadmaps and good practices for a better learning experience for all 
  • To disseminate new knowledge through academic and popular fora. 


  • Training on Design Thinking and game-based learning 
  • Workshops  
  • Discussions 


Design Writing Workshop

This 2-day online workshop was organised in 2020-21 academic year as part of the educational activities of the IO Department and the .education pillar team. It concerned the way designers can learn to describe their creations using appropriate terminology and procedures, and to write it in a comprehensible way to both design and non-design audiences. Hands-on activities and role-play were methods utilised for the purpose to unlock the expressive writing potential of design students to effectively and efficiently communicate their work to the public. The aim was to address the silos often experienced between professionals and laymen in understanding the design processes and outcomes. Prof. Gerry Leonidas from Reading University (UK) was the guest lecturer with experience in academic knowledge transfer workshops, curriculum design, research methods, course planning, student feedback and evaluation, and integrating research into practice.



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