Project-based services


Within project-based collaborations we can offer scientific insights and practical support in the field of product development, specifically from our pillars around sustainability, industry and education. This project-based cooperation is possible in various forms as explained below.

Projects with students

The research group is closely linked to the study program for Industrial Design Engineers at the UGent Campus in Kortrijk.

The Industrial Design Engineers (IO) design new products or improve existing products and services. This process of innovation is a crucial factor for companies and an industrial designer is an important motor in this process. As a company, there are various possibilities to work with these students. To the study program web page.

Specific Design Assignments

  • period October - December or February - May
  • must fit within a course of the program

Bachelor's theses

  • period February - May
  • go to work on a research question


  • students actively participate in the design department of a company for a period of time

Master's theses

Contact us via for questions about collaborations with students.

Collaboration in projects

There are various types of projects in which we can offer services (transfer of knowledge) or act as a partner (building new knowledge) and in which you may also (depending on the nature and size of the project) be able to apply for funding.   

Tailored project (1 on 1)

Together with you, we will look at what is possible and make you a suitable proposal.

VLAIO Development project

An innovative idea, but still a lot of challenges? A new technology, process, service or innovative prototype? Then be sure to check out the possibilities within a VLAIO development project. Within such a project, we can act both as a service provider and as a partner.

More info on VLAIO Development projects

VLAIO Research project

Do you have an innovative idea that requires new knowledge and research? Then definitely check out the possibilities within a VLAIO research project. Within such a project, we can act both as a service provider and as a partner.

More info on VLAIO Research projects

Baekeland mandate

An applied doctoral research very specifically on a case of a company or a consortium of companies

Baekeland mandates offer companies the opportunity to carry out a project with a researcher. The company involved is responsible for the strategic orientation of the project and also for part of the co-financing. The project clearly has an economic finality, but at the same time gives the researcher the opportunity to carry out a doctorate. The university is responsible for the guidance towards a doctorate.

More info on Baekeland mandates.

Ongoing collective projects 

We always have collective research projects running in which certain collaborations are also possible. View the overview of our current projects here.

Please contact us via this for questions concerning project-based cooperation with researchers.