Reporting absence

What to do if you are absent during the academic year?

Depending on the duration of the period of illness and its impact on tutorials, exercises, … notification will be required.

  • A short period of illness that only impacts on lectures is usually not reported.
  • A longer period of illness is best reported to the Faculty Student Administration.
  • For tutorials or exercises where attendance is required (e.g. for non-periodical evaluation, project work ...), you need to notify the teacher immediately, who may give you an alternative activity to do. You also need to submit a medical certificate to the Student Administration within three working days for the period you were absent.

What to do if you do not wish to, or cannot, participate in an examination?

Always immediately notify the lecturer (see online phone book) and also the examination office (contact Faculty Student Administration).


  • Submit an original, valid medical certificate to the Student Administration within three working days. Please include the name, programme, missed examination(s) and lecturer(s).
  • Valid certificate = issued by a doctor on the day of the illness or accident and submitted to the FSA
  • Invalid certificate = only including the student’s statement (“dixit certificate”) or written after the illness/accident (“post factum certificate”)
  • A medical certificate covering the practice of (certain) sports activities must list the specific activities which the student is unable to perform.

See also Article 76 of the Education and Examination Regulations (OER).


  • If it is a legitimate absence, then you need to inquire immediately if the examination can be moved. A rescheduled examination can only be organised within the same part of the same examination period.
  • If the examiner considers the absence to be unfounded, your absence will be logged and you will fail the relevant course unit.