Use of electronic platforms

The faculty uses different electronic platforms for administration purposes.


Via Oasis-web, you can view important information concerning your enrollment and your curriculum. This is the only official, administrative platform for all matters related to student administration. Oasis has to be used for all administrative steps related to your curriculum and enrollment.


At Ghent University, the official electronic learning environment Ufora is used to provide information and course materials and to optimize communication between staff and students. Subscribing to courses or study programmes on Ufora does not have any administrative consequences. So if you subscribe for a course in Ufora, it does not have any impact on your curriculum.

Important! Please register for every course you (intend to) take. Important information will be distributed by these sites.


Plato is a platform developed by the faculty. It is used to register information about master's dissertations, traineeships and exchange programmes (for degree students).


Via Athena you can use software for which Ghent University has a license agreement. You don't even have to install these programs on your computer. Some programs, such as anti-virus software, can be installed locally on your computer.

More information on the use of Athena can be found on the website of the ICT Helpdesk.