About the department libraries

In addition to the collection of Architecture and Urban Planning housed in the Plateau Building, the Faculty Library of Engineering and Architecture also includes 35 Department Collections of Engineering Sciences, spread across approximately 14 locations including the Zwijnaarde Technology Park, Schoonmeersen Campus and Kortrijk Campus.

Since 2005, in accordance with the Björnshauge plan, the implementation of the centralised Faculty Libraries took off at the various faculties in order to create a higher efficiency level in staff deployment, opening hours and public service. In parallel, the Book Tower was assigned the role of custodial library.

With the creation of the Faculty Libraries, the rationalization of the analog collections was also initiated. With the prospect of the Book Tower as a depository library, the deduplication-, deselection-, packing- and registration process in preparation for the transfer to the depository in the Book Tower has been started up for less frequently used (departmental) collections.

Within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, this rationalization operation is currently ongoing. This means increasing efforts are being made to phase out the exploitation of the physical departmental libraries. Meanwhile a substantial proportion of the Engineering Science collections are already managed by the Faculty Library. When a collection is being packed and processed, they are not available for consultation for a certain period of time.

Do you have a question regarding (one of) these department collections? Contact lib.fea@ugent.be.