Everyone is welcome in our library to consult the library collections, or to work and study.

Consultation of books and periodicals

  • All books and periodicals on the bookshelves are available for consultation.
  • Book and periodicals from the depository can be requested for consulation via
  • The Bekaert Collection (labeled "bekaert"), the Donation Michiel Hendryckx (labeled "hendrycks") and books labeled with a yellow dot are only available for consultation in the reading rooms and are not available for loan.
  • All periodicals can be consulted in the reading room and are not available for loan.

Work and study in the library

Reading Rooms

  • Main Reading Room: available for everyone. In addition to consulting the library collections, quit deliberation and group work can take place here.
  • Silent Reading Room: also available for everyone. In this room silence is respected, giving everyone the chance to work or study in peace. The Silent Reading Room is located in the left side aisle of the library. 
  • Bekaert Room: can be reserved ( for teaching, research or internal meetings. We make clear arrangements about the use of the Bekaert Room when confirming the reservation.

House rules

  • Please leave bags and coats in a locker at the library entrance.
  • Mute your cell phone and do not make phone calls in the library.
  • Food and drinks remain outside the library. A bottle of water is allowed during study periods, only if you use a sealable bottle.