Going on exchange for students in Master of Science in de industriële wetenschappen: elektrotechniek


The faculty deadline for online applications outside of Europe is 12 January 2024 at 5 pm. The faculty deadline for online applications in Europe is 2 February 2024 at 5 pm. Late applications will not be accepted.

General information about the procedure for outgoing students

Check out the general information on how to apply.

Requirements to go on exchange

  • learning path: successfully completed the bachelor programme
  • duration (Schoonmeersen): 2nd semester, during master (master thesis); 1st semester upon request

The coordinator ranks the applicants; in order to do so not only the examination results are taken into account, but also other criteria such as independence, motivation, etcetera. A priori no minimal study performance is set as a condition.


Bilak Contact Person [BCP]: see column BCP in list of agreements

Departmental Coordinator [DC]: Ludwig Cardon

Study Programme Committee - chairman [OC-vz]: Ludwig Cardon

Faculty International Relations Officer [FIRO]: Ann Vanoutryve

Learning Track Counsellor [STB]: Annelies Holvoet

Acceptance of study programme during exchange

During the preparation phase, the student compiles a study programme during exchange in Oasis in collaboration with the departmental coordinator, which needs to be approved by the Curriculum Committee. On arrival, changes to the study programme can be made but need to be accepted by the Departmental Coordinator and the Curriculum Committee again. More information.

Where can you go on exchange ?

The exchange of students with other countries is regulated by bilateral agreements (Europe) and cooperation agreements (outside of Europe) with international universities.

For destinations in Europe, students can only choose an institution on the list of agreements made up for their education programme. It is not possible to choose a destination in Europe which is not intended for your study programme.

For destinations outside of Europe, students from the education programme for which the cooperation agreement is intended, have priority for these places. Only when there are vacant places, your education programme is taught there and your education programme committee agrees on this exchange, you can apply for these destinations (see list below).

Priority destinations

Partner Erasmuscode Land Financieringsprogramma Aantal uit Periode uit vakgebied BCP programme DC
RWTH Aachen University D  AACHEN01 Duitsland Erasmus+ Studies 2 5 0713 Electricity and energy (522) Peter Sergeant EM7ELT Ludwig Cardon
Hochschule Aalen D  AALEN01 Duitsland Erasmus+ Studies 2 5 0715 Mechanics and metal trades (521) Ludwig Cardon EM7ELM + EM7ELT Ludwig Cardon
Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov RO BRASOV01 Roemenië Erasmus+ Studies 2 5 0715 Mechanics and metal trades (521) Ludwig Cardon EM7ELM + EM7ELT Ludwig Cardon

Faculty-wide destinations

See Overview