Changing your curriculum during the academic year

Once your curriculum is approved you can still request changes if necessary, for example to stop your enrolment in a specific course, to change an elective course, etc. This request must be submitted before the following deadlines:

- at the latest 14th November for first semester courses

- at the latest 28th February for second semester courses and year courses


Consider the curriculum regulations and the study programme in the Ghent University study guide.

Requesting a change

To request a change in your curriculum, you have to send an e-mail to the learning path counsellor of your campus, respecting the deadline (see above). The learning path counsellor will process the approved changes into your curriculum in OASIS.

Engineering (and architecture) programmes, Campus Boekentoren:

Engineering Technology programmes, Campus Schoonmeersen:

Engineering Technology programmes, Campus Kortrijk:


Be sure to mention the following information:

  1. Name, study programme, student number
  2. Courses you wish to cancel (with course code)
  3. Courses you wish to add to your curriculum (with course code and, if applicable, the category of this course)