On campus workplaces in AY 2020-2021

Workplaces for students of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

In addition to the study rooms that are provided on university-level, we have also provided workplaces for the faculty:

  • In the Plateau building you can use one of the pc rooms on the ground floor (if not used for classes). We are starting a trial period for public use of these two pc rooms and if the trial period goes well, the other two pc classes on the first floor will also be opened as study places.
  • In Zwijnaarde, free spaces have been made available in the Magnel building and in iGent. Empty classrooms can also be used.
    • In iGent (Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 126) there are 12 study places available in the entrance hall under the grand staircase, 20 study places next to the auditorium on floor +1 and 32 in the hall on floor +2.
      At times when there are no classes, as mentioned, the classrooms can also be used for studying, but the students must leave the room half an hour before the next class starts for a mandatory ventilation break.
    • In the Magnel building (Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 60), the former lunch room near the cafeteria is available as a study area.
      A new restaurant has opened in the Locus building on the campus, where hot meals and sandwiches can be purchased.
Please make sure to leave your workplace neat and tidy! Provide headphones or earphones at all study places, so that you do not disturb other students when taking online lessons.