IAESTE internship which entitles to credits

  1. Find a supervisor.
  2. Enter the details of your internship in Plato under "my internship".
  3. Your supervisor will receive an e-mail as soon as this is done and can approve the internship for credits in Plato.
  4. Upload a copy of the acceptance note (N5a) onto Plato.
  5. Ask the company to complete the risk analysis (RA) and work station file (WPF) and upload this onto Plato.
  6. If the filled risk analysis stipulates that a health assessment is necessary, the Health and Safety Department will check this. If they confirm the health check is necessary, you will be invited through Plato to make an appointment with the Health and Safety Department. Please take the risk analysis, duly completed and signed, work station file, a copy of the acceptance note and your vaccination card (or proof of the vaccinations that you have had) with you.
  7. After the health check, you will receive a "health assessment form ". Please upload this certificate onto Plato.
  8. Upon completion of the internship, please contact your supervisor for an evaluation meeting to determine if the internship met everyone’s expectations.
  9. If the internship can still warrant credits, draw up a internship report and upload it onto Plato before 15 October.
  10. Both your supervisor and internship coordinator in the company will receive an e-mail via Plato to assess the internship there.

Steps 1 to 9 should be completed by 11 July.

All the above applies under the terms of the internship rules.