IAESTE internship which does NOT entitle to credits

  1. Enter the details of your internship in Plato under "my internship".
  2. Upload a copy of the acceptance note (N5a) onto Plato as internship contract. It is not necessary to make a separate internship contract.
  3. Ask the company to complete the risk analysis (RA) and work station file (WPF) and upload this onto Plato. The work station file only has to be filled if a health assessment is necessary.
  4. The Health and Safety Department will check if a health check is necessary and if so, you will be invited through Plato to make an appointment with the Health and Safety Department.
  5. If the health check is necessary:
    Make an appointment in the online agenda on Plato. Only if there are no free spots left, you have to contact the Health and Safety Department yourself.
    The appointment has to be made at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the internship. Please take your internship contract, filled risk analysis and work station file, and vaccination card.
  6. After the health check, you will receive a "health assessment form ". Please upload this certificate onto Plato.