Unpaid domestic or foreign internship outside of IAESTE which does NOT entitle to credits

  1.  Look for an internship with possibly already a concrete internship assignment.
  2. Find an academic supervisor who is specialized in the field of the internship. Make agreements about the content of the internship, the follow-up, the internship report, etc. Also find an internship mentor within the company.
  3. Enter all the details of your internship in Plato under “My internship” and submit your application via “Submit request and send to supervisor”.
  4. Your supervisor will then receive an email and can take a look at your application. The supervisor will approve the internship in Plato.
  5. Draw up a contract for voluntary internship in consultation with the company. You can specify professor Patrick Segers for “Ghent University” and your supervisor for “the traineeship supervisor”. After you have completed all the sections, print the contract.
  6. Sign your contract and save the document as pdf. Send the file to the company (internship mentor), to your supervisor and to professor Segers for their digital signature (this procedure can also be done on paper if necessary).
  7. Make sure that you and the company have a fully signed copy of the internship contract, and also upload a signed copy of the contract to Plato.
  8. Ask the company to complete the risk analysis and the workstation file and upload these documents to Plato. The workstation file should only be completed if a health assessment is necessary. It is the company that indicates whether this is needed.
  9. If the internship company has indicated in the risk analysis that a health assessment is necessary, the Health and Safety Department will indicate via Plato whether or not you need a health check.
  10. If the health check is necessary:
    • Make an appointment in the online agenda on Plato. Only if there are no more free places left, you have to contact the Health and Safety Department yourself to make an appointment.
    • You must make an appointment for a health check at least 6 weeks before the start of your internship. Otherwise there is a chance that you will not be able to get an appointment in time and/or that the health check will already be conducted during your internship, which can affect the start date of your internship.
    • Please also take into account that the Health and Safety Department has a lower staffing during the summer holiday periods.
    • You take your fully completed and signed risk analysis, workstation file, a copy of your internship contract and your vaccination card.
  11. After the health check you will receive a "Health assessment form". Please also upload this certificate to Plato.
  12. Upload your logbook to Plato no later than 1 week after the internship has ended.
  13. Assess the internship via the evaluation form in Plato.
  14. Your company internship mentor will automatically receive an email via Plato to evaluate you as an intern and your completed assignment, making use of an evaluation form in Plato.
  15. The supervisor takes note of these assessments and reports possible details to the faculty internship coordinator.
  16. If desired, a feedback moment will take place between you and your supervisor (and your internship mentor).
All the above applies under the terms of the internship regulations.