Academic contacts per study programme

If you have academic questions about your study programme or the content of certain courses, you can contact the Departmental Coordinator for your study programme. This person is the responsable for internationalisation in his or her study domain.

The International Relations Office can help you with administrative issues.

Academic contact person per study programme

  • MSc in Engineering: Architecture: prof. Nathan Van Den Bossche
  • MSc in Biomedical Engineering: prof. Patrick Segers
  • MSc in Chemical Engineering: prof. Mark Saeys
  • MSc in Civil Engineering: prof. Hans De Backer
  • MSc in Computer Science Engineering: prof. Jan Fostier
  • MSc in Electrical Engineering: prof. Heidi Steendam
  • MSc in Electromechanical Engineering:
    • prof. Lieven Vandevelde (Electrical Power Engineering)
    • prof. Sebastian Verhelst (Mechanical Energy Engineering)
    • prof. Wim De Waele (Mechanical Construction)
    • prof. Clara Ionescu (Control Engineering and Automation)
    • prof. Evert Lataire (Maritime Engineering)
  • MSc in Engineering Physics: prof. Dick Botteldooren
  • MSc in Photonics Engineering: prof. Peter Bienstman
  • MSc in Fire Safety Engineering: prof. Bart Merci
  • MSc in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research: prof. Stijn De Vuyst
  • MSc in Sustainable Materials Engineering: prof. Leo Kestens
  • MSc in Textile Engineering: prof. Lieva Van Langenhove