Admission requirements

Who can become an exchange student?

    You can only become an exchange student if there is an agreement between your university and our Faculty in your study field. There are different possibilities:

      • Erasmus Bilateral Agreement for one or two semesters (Master level only, in EU only) with a department of our Faculty. 
      • Institutional Agreement between your university and Ghent University
      • An agreement between a professor of your university and one from our Faculty. Please state the name of the UGent professor. In this case, only exchange for a research stay or traineeship is possible (NO courses).
      • Any other exchange scheme that includes Ghent University and your home university (Erasmus Mundus, Lisum, Lotus, Basileus, Eurotango, ….)

      Your local International Office can tell you if such an agreement exists. They can also inform you about the conditions.

        Bachelor or Master?

        Exchanges are only possible at Master level.

        Exception: if your university offers 4 year Bachelor programmes, you could be accepted as exchange student after completion of three years Bachelor (equivalent to 180 ECTS) at your home university.

        Study programme at our faculty

        You need a minimum number of credits on your exchange learning agreement to be admitted.

        Language requirements

        All students (including Erasmus Belgica students) require a good knowledge of English (B2 level). You need to proof this with a relevant proof of proficiency.