03-03-2021 Small nuclear reactors, great future?
25-02-2021 Minister Peeters wants to work towards a better mobility in Zwijnaarde
25-02-2021 The Architecture study programme moves to Technicum
11-02-2021 Research CMM great leap forwards in uncovering atomic geometry next-gen materials
08-02-2021 Alumnus Gregor Strobbe propels global epilepsy research into the future
05-02-2021 IDLab together with UCI to make cycling safer
01-02-2021 New computer model uncovers elusive atomic structure of materials
27-01-2021 IDLab helps to create solutions for safer work environments
25-01-2021 Towards a better internet of things thanks to Lieven Eeckhout
22-01-2021 Rembrandt Perneel wins Agoria public award
21-01-2021 Filip De Turck and Wim Bogaerts IEEE Fellow
07-01-2021 Two Ghent University researchers have been awarded Proof of Concept grants
23-12-2020 20 of 2020: Patrick has enormous respect for the students’ efforts
04-12-2020 Nature Review paper on programmable photonic circuits
02-12-2020 Human Rights Week focusses on colonial legacies and processes of decolonization
17-11-2020 CMM with cMACS in Nature Catalysis
17-11-2020 430.000 Euro Grant for Research Platform CAPTURE to Stimulate Recycling of Carbon, Plastics and Water
02-10-2020 Wanted: the best idea to make our society more sustainable
22-09-2020 Dries Van Thourhout elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA)
26-08-2020 Alec Bagué receives Honorable Mention in the 2020 Mandles Prize
28-07-2020 Two Ghent University researchers have been awarded Proof of Concept grants
04-05-2020 Internal election results announced
27-04-2020 Studying the impact of COVID-19 on students
27-04-2020 Vote in the internal elections
22-02-2020 Ghent University stimulates research with impact via new interdisciplinary research consortia
22-02-2020 Greet Cardon on GRAY: “We’re going to knock on a lot of doors, to get more funding for research into ageing, ánd to get ageing on the agenda.”
02-02-2020 People from Ghent University and Van Eyck: engineering