PhD defenses

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20-11-2018 13:00 The Influence of Radiation, Mechanical, and Plasma-Induced Damage on Deuterium Retention in Tungsten Zibrov, Mikhail
21-11-2018 10:30 Improving Tools for Noise Control and Exposure Monitoring in Vehicle-Type Environments Adnadevic, Mirjana
21-11-2018 17:00 Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging for the Diagnosis of Primary Brain Tumours Bonte, Stijn
26-11-2018 15:30 Effect of Shish-Kebab Content and Crystal Structure on the Properties of Polypropylene and Its Composites Mi, Dashan
26-11-2018 16:00 Assessing and Modeling the Role of the Noticeability of Sound Events and Attention in Urban Sound Perception Filipan, Karlo
27-11-2018 10:00 Modeling of Magnetic Domain Wall Motion in Nanostrips and Thin Films Vandermeulen, Jasper
29-11-2018 10:00 Optimisation of the Mechanical Properties and Processing of Polypropylene and Poly(lactic Acid) Parts Produced by Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing Spörk, Martin
30-11-2018 16:00 Fast Pyrolysis Oil: Detailed Kinetics of Model Compounds Hydrodeoxygenation Otyuskaya, Daria
07-12-2018 17:00 Investigation of Processing Routes, Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels for Nuclear Fusion Applications Puype, Athina
07-12-2018 17:00 Data-Driven Statistical Modeling and Reinforcement Learning Based Control of Flexibility in Domestic and Electric Vehicle Power Consumption Sadeghianpourhamami, Nasrin
10-12-2018 16:00 Heterogeneously Integrated III-V-on-Silicon Wavelength-Tunable DFB and DBR Lasers Dhoore, Sören
11-12-2018 10:00 New Concept of ICRF Antenna for Future Reactors: The Travelling Wave Array Antenna Ragona, Riccardo
12-12-2018 12:45 Modeling Electro-Magnetic and Thermal Stability of Cable-in-Conduit Superconductors for Fusion Magnets Bagni, Tommaso
17-12-2018 10:30 Generation and Transport of Charged Inverse Micelles in Non-Polar Media Karvar, Masoumeh
17-12-2018 17:00 Infiltration and Excess Pore Water Pressures in Front of a TBM: Experiments, Mechanisms and Computational Models Xu, Tao
18-12-2018 16:00 Coupled Thermodynamic and Biologic Modelling of Legionella Pneumophila Proliferation in Domestic Hot Water Systems Van Kenhove, Elisa
19-12-2018 10:00 Deuterium and Helium Retention in ITER Specification Tungsten before and after Plastic Deformation Bakaeva, Anastasiia
19-12-2018 17:00 Development of a New Prone Patient Support Device for Radiation Therapy of Breast and Regional Lymph Nodes Boute, Bert
20-12-2018 16:00 Integrated Silicon Nitride Photonics with Highly Nonlinear Thin Films and 2D Materials: Properties and Devices Alexander, Koen