Technology Transfer

Ghent University Association has a long-time experience in exploitation of research a.o. via its +25 consortia a.k.a. Business Development Centers. A center is headed by a business developer who acts as your direct point of contact for industrial partnerships, be it research, services, collaborative research or IP licensing. These centers complement research groups around a specific application area or domain of expertise. For TEX IS MORE the focus is on textile innovations for protection, comfort and care.


TEX IS MORE is very flexible when it comes to opportunities to collaborate. There is not one approach that fits all, as each innovation is unique and yours will surely be unique too. Maybe you are looking for support related to your innovation and development activities in domains which you are not familiar with. Or you currently have a shortage in capacity and need extra capacity? We offer support for dedicated projects which can be a one-time collaboration. Of course we hope you will be satisfied with our service and deliverables and hope to see you back soon afterwards for a next project. We can also collaborate in a more structured way and setup a partnership where we commit to support each other around a specific domain of research or jointly explore solutions for a specific trend that impacts your business.

Any reason is good to contact us. Together we'll look into the best way to help and make you market your textile innovation successfully. And if you're not sure yet, please contact us anyway. A first exploratory meeting will reveal interesting possibilities and at least also further shape your own idea. This early stage contact and support is part of our activities. And the first meeting(s) is (are) free of charge!


Business Developer: Chris Deloof
Promotor-Coordinator: Prof. Lieva Van Langenhove


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