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BELAC logoYou can count on our service labs for your daily needs in the field of testing, classification and certification of textile products and fibre based materials. We do not restrict ourselves to testing, but also offer insights and suggest improvements. You can rely on our experienced team for science-based support to accelerate innovation and improve processes.

More information on our thematic service labs and activities below:


Contact for any other request.

Material characterisationDSC

Whether you’re looking for routine or tailormade testing, by combining practical experience with academic insights, we can make the difference for you. We perform physical, chemical, fire and durability testing on raw materials, intermediates and (recycled) products, etc. for a broad range of end-uses, such as geotextiles, artificial turf and floor coverings.


Head of lab: Sofie Moorkens.

Floor coverings and fire propertiesFire test

Our experienced team knows all about carpet constructions and their impact on wear and other properties. We test and give advice on construction, wear and durability aspects, as well as fire, anti-static and thermal properties. Whether for marketing, new developments or customer complaints, we can for sure help you out.


Head of lab: Didier Van Daele.

Artificial turf and sports goodsArtificial turf testing lab

ERCAT (European Research Centre for Artificial Turf) is part of CTSE and is accredited by the main sports federations: FIFA for football turf, FIH for hockey turf and World Rugby for rugby turf. ERCAT is testing and classifying these systems in the lab and is also testing the installed fields, including all stages of building these fields. ERCAT is also recognized to test systems and fields in the Netherlands.

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Head of lab: Stijn Rambour

Advice & trainingAdvice & training

Are you struggling to find the cause of certain defects? Sick of settling for complaints without understanding the real cause of the problem? Are you having a hard time with the technical specifications of your tender? Or are you getting lost in the world of sustainable textiles? A team of experts is at your disposal for advice based on systematic analysis, modern test methods and thorough fundamental and applied knowledge. CTSE also provides trainings or workshops for employees in the textile industry.

Note: CTSE is approved as a service provider for SMEs (DV.T216900). Hence, for advice within the terms of the SME portfolio, a Flemish SME can request financial support from the government (KMO portefeuille).

CTSE is also involved in the valorization consortium TEX IS MORE.



Performance classification of textile floor coverings has always been one of our strong points. Classification standards have no secrets to us, since the head of the floor covering lab is member of many standardisation committees and of the PRODIS commission for homologation of ECRA (European Carpet and Rug association). 

ERCAT is part of CTSE and is accredited by the main sports federations for classification of artificial turf: FIFA for football turf, FIH for hockey turf and World Rugby for rugby turf. 


Be it for certification of construction products or sports grounds, CTSE is always a good choice, with our University certificates being valued worldwide.

For CE marking of building products, such as floor covering, geotextiles and concrete fibres, contact our Notified Laboratory nr. 1611

ERCAT, our artificial turf division, is approved for certification of sports field and area’s in many different sports (e.g. FIFA, FIH, World Rugby).