Research themes

The Centre for Textile Science and Engineering (CTSE) focuses on the following research themes:

Fibre and Polymer TechnologyFiber and Polymer Technology

Fibres and their polymers are the building blocks of all textile materials and form one of the key research themes within CTSE. From ‘molecule to filament’, we focus on developing new polymers, modifying and blending existing polymers and creating new and functional fibre and filament technology for innovative solutions.

Research topics:

Material and Process ModellingMaterial and Process Modelling

With the quest for faster and better manufacturing processes as well as high material performance, numerical modelling is becoming an important tool in the textile industry. Virtual fitting, prototyping and even testing provides new means to optimize both materials and production methods.

Research topics:

Testing and AnalysisTesting and Analysis

Every textile material – be it low-end consumer goods or high-end niche products – is exploited for its performance coming from its multi-scale nature. Understanding the properties of each scale, but also how the properties propagate through these scales are thus the key to design improved textile materials.

Research topics:

Functional Textiles and ApplicationsFunctional Textiles and Applications

Textile materials are contributing to many applications, even in areas where fibres might not immediately be expected such as in personal protective equipment, light-weight structural materials, wearable electronics or biomedical products. Optimization of the textiles for these applications, as well as development of new functional textile applications, are important goals for CTSE.

Research topics:

Sustainability and SocietySustainability: gerecycleerde zetel

The textile sector has an important impact on the environment. At CTSE, we try to do our part and perform research into different areas of sustainability, from eco-friendly production, over recycling to educating future engineers.

Research topics:

Technology Transfer

Ghent University Association has a long-time experience in exploitation of research a.o. via its +25 consortia a.k.a. Business Development Centers. A center is headed by a business developer who acts as your direct point of contact for industrial partnerships, be it research, services, collaborative research or IP licensing. These centers complement research groups around a specific application area or domain of expertise. For TEX IS MORE the focus is on textile innovations for protection, comfort and care.