Strategy and technology

Our research

We investigate how strategic planning and management can be applied effectively, and which tools can assist the individuals and teams involved in strategic decision-making. Our research ranges from the local level, for example focusing on the leadership and management capabilities needed to think and act more strategically in urban, city and local governance, to strategic choices at the European level, and stimulating transgovernmental cooperation.

Over the latest years new technologies, challenges and innovations have popped up. We also focus on how these impact the public sector, not only when it comes to strategy but also in several other domains: How can technology policy be used to stimulate sustainability? How can more cross-sectoral collaboration and knowledge exchange stimulate innovation and technology in the field of safety and security? How can social responsibilities be embedded in strategic management systems?

The impact of technology, challenges and innovation even goes beyond the digitization of existing processes and services. We study digital transformation in government, and examine how government can become more proactive, data- and user-driven. In particular, we examine how government can act as the orchestrator of a platform, and the cultural, organizational and relational changes that are necessary to realize this.