The first Ghent Russia colloquium


EU-Russia Relations: How to get out of the 'midlife' crisis?

The EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy, adopted in June 2016, defined the relationship between the European Union and Russia as 'a key strategic challenge'. On the one hand, the conflict in Ukraine and the ensuing introduction of restrictive measures disrupt the potential for cooperation. On the other hand, the EU and Russia are largely interdependent in many areas. For this purpose, 'selective engagement' over matters of common interest such as energy, environment, education, research and cross-border cooperation remains on the agenda.

The purpose of the first Ghent colloquium is to bring together scholars and practitioners working in various disciplines to present their research on the evolution of EU-Russia relations. Selected papers may be published in an edited volume or a special issue of an international peer reviewed journal.


Colloquium programme


The slides of the different presentations are available, as well as some papers for which the authors gave consent to publish them online.

Panel 1: Theoretical perspectives on EU-Russia relations

Panel 2: Legal perspectives on EU-Russia relations

Panel 3: Security and defence

Panel 4:Energy and environment

Panel 5: Education and Science

Panel 6: Shared neighbourhood


Pictures of the event are available on the photo gallery    


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