Knowledge Centres

Cerise Ukraine Plus Viae Caspiae

Centre for Russian, International Socio-Political and Economic Studies (CERISE) aims to critically study and reflect on Russia – its culture, international relations, socio-political system and economy.

An interdisciplinary knowledge centre for consolidating, advancing, and disseminating knowledge about Ukraine and other Eastern European countries (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, and Moldova).

Viae Caspiae offers a framework for multidisciplinary and cross-faculty study of the Caspian Sea, its littoral region and basin, and its overall position in the wider regions and polities that surround it. 

News database Integrum

Integrum provides access to the largest digital archive of the sources of information of Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet states. It consists of more than 500 million documents in more than 15,000 databases, with 40,000 new documents being added daily, in addition to thousands of full-text newspapers, magazines, archives of news wires, business databases, encyclopedias and dictionaries.

The  Eureast Platform has acquired Integrum Profi. Access can be obtained via any UGent IP address on the Integrum website

UGent staff and students can contact to obtain the login & password. The login will be active till the end of May 2023. This is not a personalized password and access is not restricted to one individual, users may share passwords. However please note that when another user logs in the first one is automatically blocked.

Joint PhD

One of the aims of the Eureast Platform is to stimulate joint PhD’s between UGent and -partners in the Platform's focus regions. A joint PhD (joint doctorate, co-tutelle doctorate) is a doctoral degree awarded by two (or more) different institutions, who share the responsibilities of supervising, coordination and examining a researcher’s work towards a PhD degree.

More info

You can find more information online about a joint PhD at UGent, or you can contact .