Eureast Platform Short-term Fellowship Programme

Every year, the Eureast Platform hosts a visiting fellowship program for scholars with a doctoral degree who are affiliated with a higher education or research institution in a country within the Eureast Platform's regional scope.

These fellowships include a grant of 2.750 € for a minimum stay of one month. The fellowship is meant to cover (part of the) travel costs, housing and living expenditures. The successful applicants will be given an office space and access to facilities (such as the library) as a Ghent University visiting scholar.

Awardees are expected to be present at Ghent University, to take part in its academic activities and to contribute to its intellectual community. Visiting scholars will give at least one lecture or seminar to fellow researchers and students. For this reason, awardees are required to have good command of English.

The next call will be launched in October/November of 2023.

Special research Fund – doctoral scholarships for candidates from the developing countries

  • With support from its “Special Research Fund” (BOF) Ghent University grants PhD “sandwich” scholarships to promising PhD students from developing countries who wish to carry out half of their PhD research at Ghent University ('North') and half at a university in a developing country ('South').
  • Ghent University only finances the part of the research that will be carried out in Ghent (24 months), the candidate must have full-time funding for the other 24 months of research to be carried out in the South.
  • Researchers from Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan are eligible for this funding.
  • Deadline: 2 February 2023
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Erasmus+ funding for projects with Ukrainian higher education partners

In 2023, the Erasmus+ programme mobilises its efforts to mitigate the socio-economic and educational consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including by supporting Higher Education institutions in their cooperation with Ukrainian counterparts.

More specifically, the Programme includes several calls with a strong focus on cooperation with the Ukrainian higher education partners:

  • Cooperation Partnerships

This action enables participating organisations to gain experience in international cooperation and to strengthen their capacities, but also to produce high-quality innovative practices and methods. Cooperation Partnerships may be submitted in the field of education and training, youth or sport.

Cooperation Partnerships in the field of Higher Education in particular may aim at supporting Ukraine in reshaping and re-building its higher education system, through cooperation with higher education institutions in Europe, on, among others, quality and relevance of teaching and learning accessible to a wide range of learners; innovative pedagogical approaches; student-centred, challenge-based and interdisciplinary approaches; digital and green skills; lifelong learning practices; system of qualifications; effective management practices; protection of academic values; cooperation with the innovation ecosystem; development and implementation of joint educational activities and programmes.

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Deadline: 22 March 2023, 12.00 (Brussels time)

  • Capacity Building in Higher Education : Strengthening the education digital environment for Ukraine

Capacity Building in Higher Education projects aim to involve partners from both EU Member States and countries associated to the Erasmus+ programme, as well as third countries not associated to the Erasmus+ Programme, but they should aim to benefit the higher education systems in the latter countries.

In 2023, budget is set aside to fund one structural reform project specifically aimed at the creation of an open education digital environment to offer quality higher education for students enrolled in Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions, in particular for those fleeing from Ukraine or internally displaced students - as well as educational opportunities for the wide Ukrainian community abroad - based on cooperation between Ukrainian and other European universities. Such a digital environment would also support exchanges and cooperation with academic staff.

More specifically, through this project a network of Ukrainian higher education institutions would be given the opportunity to set up a joint multi-institutional online platform, which would also inter-connect existing digital education platforms. European education institutions experienced in distance and online learning could also provide support for setting up and running such joint platform.

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Deadline: 16 February 2023, 17.00 (Brussels time)

For more information on the Erasmus+ project opportunities, please consult the page ‘Education Project Opportunities under Erasmus+’.
For more information on how to prepare an Erasmus+ project proposal, please consult the page ‘I want to submit an Erasmus+ project’.
If you plan to prepare an Erasmus+ project proposal, or if you have any questions, always reach out to our Advisors at the International Relations Office via (DOWA/AI)