Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Ruben, student Translation, Interpretation & Communication:

Russian Language, Literature and Business Culture

The summer school is challenging and instructive, and an interesting way to get to know Russia. It’s worth recommending and worth every penny. The intensive immersion in Russian langue and culture, together with Russians and people from around the world, is a unique opportunity!


Philippe, student Translation, Interpretation & Communication:

Discovering Russia: Language, Literature and Business Culture

It was a great experience which I would recommend to everyone! Even if you don’t speak Russian, you will manage in St-Petersburg and the summer course is open to all levels. I learned a lot, got to know many people and can’t wait to go back to that beautiful city!







Higher School of Economics

Maarten, student Industrial Engineering, Automation:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Methods, Models, Algorithms - Moscow

The visa application and the communication with the host institution went very smooth. Regarding the content of the programme: some interesting topics with a short practical part at the end of the day. The timing was quite strict, which did not allow a lot of time for extra discussions. As this was a new course and the teachers allowed for a lot of feedback, I’m confident this will improve. I would conclude that it was interesting for a student with my background. If I would take the course again, I would probably combine it with a language course Russian.

Sumeyra, PhD student faculty of Economics & Business Administration:

Russian summer school on Institutional Analysis

I took part in the summer school twice and I really liked the interaction with the faculty. Not only during lectures but also afterwards. Their feedback was very useful. I further came up with new ideas for future research and there is even a collaboration now. I should also mention the challenging and inspiring conversations among the young researchers.





European Academy Otzenhausen

Anna, student Political Science:

European Winter School

The European Winter School was a very good experience. Along with the many interesting lectures on current political topics, the interaction with German and Russian students was very valuable. You get a broader insight in topics, seen from different perspectives. The trip to Strasbourg, where we visited the European Council, was a nice variation. The academy itself is located in the middle of a national park, which you can explore during free moments, definitely worthwhile! The European School is for everyone who is interested on a different view on certain topics and who is open for discussions and debates with students from other countries.

Tristana, student Political Science:

European summer school

The European Summer School is recommended for all those interested in European and international politics. The presentations are interesting, but especially the workshops and excursions are worthwhile because you interact with the Russian and German students. You get to know Russia from the point of view of Russians, and not via the media. This exchange happens in the workshops, but also during leisure time and in the evening: there is table tennis, table football and a pool table. You should definitely attend this summer school if you want to broaden your horizon, beyond the former Iron Curtain, and want to meet international students. Everything is well organized: the meals, the excursions etc. All in all a very nice and recommendable experience! Participation in the summer school in Otzenhausen gives you access to the Russian Spring School in St. Petersburg, where you can deepen your knowledge and meet Russian students.