Office of the ombudsperson

Faculty ombudspersons

Students and doctoral students having complaints about education and examination matters, can begin by contacting the two faculty ombudspersons, who will mediate in disputes, observing the need for discretion. They will collect, investigate and deal with the complaints and will try to reach a solution in the interest of all parties.

The faculty ombudspersons for the academic year 2022-2023 are prof. dr. Chris Vervaet and prof. dr. Koen Boussery.


Institutional ombudsperson

When students believe they cannot turn to the faculty ombudspersons, they can contact the institutional ombudsperson (head of the education quality control unit, department of educational policy). The institutional ombudsperson both deals with general education related complaints and acts as the authority where internal appeal against examination related and/or disciplinary decisions can be filed.