Professors and their specializations

Professor Specialiteit
Prof. Koen Boussery Pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical care
Prof Kevin Braeckmans Advanced drug delivery, biophotonics, nanomedicine, microscopy
Prof. Tom Coenye Pharmaceutical microbiology
Prof. Aurélie Crabbé Microbiology, host-pathogen interactions, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory treatment, microbiome, chronic respiratory diseases, 3-D cell culture
Prof. Thomas De Beer Pharmaceutical process analytics and technology
Prof. Marthe De Boevre Clinical mycotoxicology
Prof. Bruno De Geest Biopharmaceutical technology
Prof. Sarah De Saeger Food and food safety
Prof. Stefaan De Smedt General biochemistry and physical pharmacy
Prof. Bart De Spiegeleer Drug quality and registration
Prof. Filip De Vos Radiopharmacy
Prof. Dieter Deforce Pharmaceutical biotechnology
Prof. Ashish Kumar Pharmaceutical engineering
Prof. Lies Lahousse Clinical epidemiology and precision medicine
Prof. Koen Raemdonck Biophysics of biologic drug administration
Prof. Katrien Remaut Advanced drug delivery - ocular gene therapy
Prof. Christophe Stove Toxicology
Prof. Jan Van Bocxlaer Medical biochemistry, clinical analysis, bio-analysis, psychotropic substances - drugs
Prof. Serge Van Calenbergh Medicinal chemistry
Prof. Filip Van Nieuwerburgh Pharmaceutical and forensic genetics, NGS sequencing and applied bioinformatics
Prof. Valérie Vanhoorne Pharmaceutical Technology
Prof. An Vermeulen Pharmacokinetics research
Prof. Chris Vervaet Pharmaceutical technology
Prof. Félix Sauvage  General biochemistry and physical pharmacy
Prof. Hristo Svilenov General biochemistry and physical pharmacy