Research Centers

 The Department is part of and contributes to several renowned centers for innovative research. 

Cancer Research Institute Ghent


CRIGCancer Research Institute Ghent (CRIG) is a network that gathers over 400 researchers (70+ research groups) from Ghent University, Ghent University Hospital (UZ Ghent) and VIB-UGent.

CRIG’s mission is to stimulate fundamental, translational and clinical cancer research across expertise domains. The idea to launch CRIG was initiated by researchers in our Department, and in 2016 the CRIG consortium was established by the institutions UGent, UZ Gent and VIB-UGent, that engaged to join forces to face the challenges in the treatment of cancer.

Besides stimulating collaboration between cancer researchers in Ghent, CRIG interacts with other research institutes, foundations, industrial partners, and the broad public.


Center for Medical Genetics Ghent


CMGGThe Center for Medical Genetics Ghent is located at the University Hospital campus. Besides providing medical services, the center strives for a better understanding of hereditary diseases, which enables high expertise for the diagnosis and care of patients with these diseases.

Over the years, the Center for Medical Genetics Ghent has acquired an internationally recognized expertise in the genetic analysis of certain inherited diseases and a number of cancers, such as heritable connective tissue disease and skeletal dysplasias, neurofibromatosis, oftalmo-genetic disorders, neuroblastoma, leukemia and breast cancer.

High throughput techniques now allow DNA sequencing with unprecedented speed. In addition to further disease gene identification in inherited disorders and cancer, a number of longstanding challenges in genetic research can now be tackled, such as the study of clinical and genetic heterogeneity observed in many heritable (monogenetic) disorders, the complex interaction of genes involved in the development of cancer and the identification of genetic factors underlying multifactorial disorders.


Flemish Institute for Biotechnology


VIBThe Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) is a life science research institute, that performs basis research with a strong focus on translating scientific results into pharmaceutical, argricultural and industrial applications. VIB is composed of different VIB Centers and Service Facilities, located in different cities in Flanders. Several research groups of our Department are member of the VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology. The focus of the Center is to develop new and innovative molecular tools and technologies to challenge human health problems.