Research Projects

PhD research on effectiveness in sport management and policy

  • effectiveness in sports organizations

Effective organizations demand competent managers, coaches and board members. Research on competences of board members of sports organizations allows insight into the composition of boards and management teams of sports clubs.

Sports organizations depend, even more than organizations in other sectors, on other and even competing sports organizations. They are embedded in networks. Effectiveness in the sports sector, therefore, also depends on effective stakeholder management and network structures allowing to achieve common goals. Research is done on (scouting) networks of sports organizations.


  • effectiveness of sport policy

Co-governance takes a central place within the (post) new public management theory. Governments are developing and implementing sport policy in collaboration with the actors in the sports sector. Research is done on the existence of co-governance in sports policy and on whether this is effective to reach the sports policy objectives. Three PhD projects exist on local collaborations to implement sport-for-all.


  • effectiveness of a value-driven approach in sport management

Sport is challenged by several scandals, such as match-fixing, endangering the values of sports. As part of the doctoral research within the Olympic Chair Henri de Baillet Latour-Jacques Rogge research on ethics is done; and in particular on the effectiveness of ethical codes and the Decree on ethical sport.

Sport is able to play an educational role and to spread important values, which is reflected in the Olympic Movement. Olympic values should be integrated in sport management and resembles principles of CSR but, similar as in private sector organizations, sports organizations face difficulty in integrating Olympic values in their daily practice. Research should shed light on the perception of the Olympic movement in Flanders.

Short-term research projects

  • Effectiveness of sports events
  • Ethics and sports
  • New sports and sports participation
  • Typologies of sports clubs
  • Sport policy in East-Flandres