Sports Pedagogy

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Mission research group Sport Pedagogy

The sports pedagogy research group guarantees high-quality, internationally recognized and innovative scientific research regarding the motivating and demotivating style of physical education teachers and (top)sport coaches.

From research in the context of physical education and sport, we make the transfer to sport management (managers), education (teachers, teacher education), and the health sector (health professionals).

The research group develops an evidence-based course offering aimed at optimizing the MOTIVATING STYLE of students, (physical education) teachers, (top)sport coaches, managers and health staff.

What makes our group unique?

  • Strong theoretical foundation from the Self-Determination Theory
  • Intervention work
  • Observation research
  • Advanced statistical analyzes
  • Forming a bridge between theory and practice
  • Innovative research

We stand for:

  • Work hard, together towards our goals
  • Work hard, make yourselves and others successful
  • Work hard, celebrate successes, learn from failures
  • Work hard, sport together
  • Work hard, be honest and loyal
  • Work hard, make a difference

Contact informatie

Prof. dr. Leen Haerens - Prof. dr. Katrien De Cocker
Watersportlaan 2
B9000 - Gent