Sports Pedagogy

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Mission research group Sport Pedagogy

The sports pedagogy research group guarantees high-quality, internationally recognized and innovative scientific research regarding the motivation of children, adolescents and adults in the context of

  • Physical education
  • Youth sport
  • Top sport

From this core assignment we make the transfer to the broader sport and education context, and the health sector.

The research group develops evidence-based interventions aimed at optimizing the motivating style of students, (physical education) teachers, (top) sport coaches, managers and health staff.

What makes our group unique?

  • Strong theoretical foundation based on Self-Determination Theory
  • Intervention work
  • Observational research
  • Advanced statistical analyses
  • Connecting theory and practice
  • Innovative research


We stand for:

  • Work hard, together towards our goals
  • Work hard, make yourselves and others successful
  • Work hard, celebrate successes, learn from failures
  • Work hard, sport together
  • Work hard, be honest and loyal
  • Work hard, make a difference

Contact informatie

Prof. dr. Leen Haerens
Watersportlaan 2
B - 9000 Gent
Tel: 09 264 86 37