Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences

Why choose Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences?

The staff of Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences (‘LAS’) at the Ghent University aims to develop students to become knowledgeable, independent and critical clinicians and scientists in the field of logopaedics and audiology. Therefore, the educational program offers a variety of basic and advanced medical and scientific courses on the one hand, and specific logopaedic and audiological courses on the other hand. Moreover, the staff has scientific and clinical expertise in many logopaedic and audiological disorders which is reflected in the courses such as voice disorders, resonance disorders, (neurological) speech and language disorders, stuttering, phonetics, hearing aids, acoustics, vestibular disorders.

In light of her international program, the department of LAS considers the development of international and intercultural competences as one of her main topics. The experience of an international exchange program should be open to every student, independent of background or socio-economic status.



Theoretical courses

Exchange students can come to Ghent to attend courses during one semester. The first semester runs from September until January, and the second semester from February until June.

Most courses from the curriculum can be chosen to attend. As most theoretical courses are taught in Dutch, the teachers will provide alternative tasks and/or adapted materials in English for the exchange students. Examinations are also performed in English.

Three courses are offered in English. These are:

  • Instrumental phonetics (1st semester)
  • English Linguistics II: analysis of spoken interaction (1st semester)
  • English Linguistics II: phonology (2nd semester)

Language course in the University Language Center (‘UCT’)

Most of the courses at Ghent University are taught in Dutch ('Nederlands'). You can attend a free course of Dutch by collecting your voucher at the Exchange Student Adviser. You can follow other language courses at half price. Because the courses are sometimes already fully booked, we recommend you check the website of the UCT before arrival.

Master dissertation

Besides theoretical courses, there is also the possibility to work on a master dissertation in collaboration with your educational institution and the department of Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences. For this purpose, you need a supervisor at your home institution and a supervisor at the Ghent University, Department of Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences. Since ethical clearance is required in order to set up a scientific research in collaboration with the Ghent University, the enrollment in a joint master dissertation needs to be decided at least six months before arrival at the Ghent University.


The minimum recommended level of English is B2.

Practical information

Application deadlines

  • For the period September- December: 15 May
  • For the period February – June: 15 November

You can find the rest of the steps in the application process on the website: http://www.ugent.be/en/education/exchange/application

To arrange in advance

  • Visa: if you are a national from a non-European Union country, you may need a visa to enter Belgian territory.
  • Insurance: you may need some insurance documents. More information can be found here.
  • Accommodation: you can arrange accommodation in university residences or on the private market
  • Learning agreement: this should be filled-in, signed and stamped (“before the mobility”)

Upon arrival

  • You should meet the Erasmus coordinator of the Department (dr. Marjan Cosyns or Prof. dr. Leen Maes). The coordinator will inform you about the courses you would like to take and she will inform the teachers.
  • Next, you can meet the Erasmus administrator of the Department (Liesbeth Lava) if your Learning Agreement needs to be adjusted. It is preferable that students already draw up their Learning Agreement before coming to Ghent University.
  • By the end of October you must finalize your learning agreement. After the 31st of October, changes to the learning agreement aren’t allowed anymore. Once you have chosen your courses, you can contact the different teachers to make further arrangements (http://www.ugent.be/en/phone-book).

At the end of your stay

  • Learning Agreement (“During the mobility” and “After the mobility”), Transcript of Records and Affidavit (Proof of Stay Abroad)
  • You should collect the credits of the courses you attended and contact the Erasmus coordinators (dr. Marjan Cosyns or Prof. dr. Leen Maes).


Departmental Erasmus coordinator for Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences: 

Audiology: Prof. dr. Leen Maes (LeenK.Maes@UGent.be, 09 332 40 66, UZ Gent – 2P1, De Pintelaan 185, 9000 Ghent)

Logopaedics: Kim Bettens (kim.bettens@ugent.be09 332 94 26, UZ Gent – 2P1, De Pintelaan 185, 9000 Ghent)

To be contacted for:

  • General information about the program
  • Questions about courses

Departmental Erasmus administrator for Logopaedic and Audiological sciences:

Liesbeth Lava (Liesbeth.Lava@UGent.be – UZ Gent – 3K3, De Pintelaan 185, 9000 Ghent)

To be contacted for:

  • Changes to the Learning Agreement
  • Transcript of records for incoming Erasmus/Exchange students