Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Research Group

The research field of the Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Group covers the basic biology of the cells experiencing 3D microenvironment and applied biofabrication of complex and vascularized (micro)tissues with applications in regenerative medicine and 3D in vitro disease models.

The group is historically specialised in cartilage and bone engineering and, since recently, addresses imaging-assisted tissue engineering (fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy) of intestinal organoids and related 3D tissue models. We develop and combine innovative biosensor-based approaches to visualize stem cell niche metabolism and oxygenation in organoids, tumour spheroids, ex vivo and in vivo.

Our group also provides service, access and expertise in basic tissue engineering: cell culture, bioprinting and fluorescence microscopy.

Lines of research

Within this research group, we focus on the following lines of research:


We are part of GGIGCRIG and GATE, and collaborate with: