Information Stands

The following services for researchers will present themselves by means of an information stand.

Visit them during the coffee breaks in the public space on the ground floor (no livestream).

Doctoral Schools & PhD community & Postdoc Talent Management

Doctoral Schools

Ghent University Doctoral Schools coordinate a large offer of courses designed to provide training and professionalization for Ghent University PhD candidates. This course offer is available, free of charge, to every PhD student who is enrolled at Ghent University. It covers training on specialist subjects as well as on transferable skills like communication skills and career management. If there are training opportunities for you outside of Ghent University course offer, you can also apply to the Doctoral Schools for up to €500 in funding – some funding rules apply. The Doctoral Schools also organize a number of recurring career support initiatives, including the annual Job Market for Young Researchers. Finally, the Doctoral Schools helpdesk is available to help PhD candidates with any questions they might have about the doctorate and the doctoral training program at Ghent University.

PhD Community

The PhD Community brings together PhD students across the faculty borders. Ghent University PhD Community is an inclusive community of and for all PhD researchers at Ghent University. A network of enthusiastic and dynamic PhD researchers is operating as PhD ambassadors that transcends the boundaries of faculties and science disciplines.

Postdoc Talent Management

The Postdoc Talent Management program is designed to support postdocs in managing their current and future career:

  • We help postdocs in finding directions on their career path
  • We help postdocs in growing professionally and in maximizing their talents and potential
  • We help postdocs in realizing their professional goals
  • In short, we help postdocs in mapping out their career;

Interested? Take a look at the Postdoc talent Management program and postdoc training offer.

Knowledge Centre for Health Ghent

The Knowledge Centre for Health Ghent is the knowledge centre of the faculty of ‘Medicine and Health Sciences’, the faculty of ‘Pharmaceutical Sciences’ and Ghent University Hospital. The knowledge centre provides support and services on scientific information for various user groups like students, physicians, researchers, staff and policy makers. Additionally, external visitors such as patients and their relatives are also welcome in the knowledge centre. The support is adapted to needs of the various users groups. The knowledge centre organizes workshops, information sessions and integrated courses and gives individual support, for example when writing a systematic review. We also help raising the awareness of the importance of research metrics and increasing research visibility. A bilingual website provides the user with information about training and events, collection and about the process of searching, processing and publishing of scientific information.

More info: Knowledge Centre for Health Ghent

Data Stewards

Ghent university has appointed data stewards to provide researchers from PhD student level and up with professional support for Research Data Management. As data stewards, we act as your first point of contact for RDM questions. As advisors, we are here to offer you a helping hand. Get in touch with us via

We offer a range of advisory and training services regarding RDM:

Health, Innovation and Research Institute of Ghent University Hospital

The Health Innovation and Research Institute at Ghent University Hospital is a leading knowledge and expertise center for translational biomedical research and innovation with a multidisciplinary management and a broad local, national and international network. It consists of seven units and provides the following services:

  • The Clinical trials Unit provides help with submission and registration, monitoring and project management of clinical trials.
  • The Datamanagement Unit provides support and advice in Biomedical Research Data Management.
  • The Contract Unit reviews your contract proposal according to our legal standards.
  • The Innovation and Valorization Unit provides advice on funding applications, valorisation and intellectual property.
  • The HIRUZ biobank is the central high quality biobank facility of UZ Gent and knowledge center for all aspects (practical, ethical, legal) related to sample collection, storage and distribution
  • The Quality unit of HIRUZ is developing a Quality Management System (QMS) which aims at further increasing the quality standards of clinical research conducted by U(Z) Gent.
  • PAWO: Patient Advisory Board for Scientific Research. It consists of experience experts and motivated volunteers who give advice from their perspective and contribute to the development and improvement of clinical research.

More info: Health, Innovation and Research Institute at Ghent University Hospital

CORE Research Facilities

CORES at the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Providing high-quality and innovative research facilities to all researchers at the Faculty of Medicine, the University and beyond. Actual available CORE facilities are Flow Cytometry, Infinity (preclinical in-vivo imaging), Histology, ZebraFish Facility and the Animal Facility. And many more facilities in the pipeline.  A central CORE Facility Management Software enables optimal availability, maintenance, Quality Control and monitoring of facilities. This enables a real rationalisation of investments in both equipment and support staff, and an optimal use of resources.

More info: Core Research Facilities at the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (Only in Dutch)

Centre for Advanced Light Microscopy

The Centre for Advanced Light Microscopy facilitates high quality research in Life Sciences by providing access to advanced light microscopy infrastructure and expertise at Ghent UniversityWe offer a broad range of state-of-the-art light microscopes (wide field, confocal, spinning disk, multi-photon, laser capture microdissection, super-resolution (STED) and custom-build microscopes) that are frequently used in life science research. In combination with extensive expertise in a broad variety of light microscopy techniques (molecular dynamics, spectral imaging, microdissection, ….) we provide full support from experimental design and training, to data acquisition and data analysis.

More info: Centre for Advanced Light Microscopy

Belgian Coordinated Collections of Microorganisms (BCCM)

More info: Belgian Coordinated Collections of Microorganisms (BCCM)

TechTransfer & IOF Business Development Centers 

The Ghent University Association has a unique valorisation structure. The central interface service UGent TechTransfer and more than 25 decentralized Business Development Centers support researchers in developing groundbreaking science to bring innovations to the market. They form the link between the academic and industrial world. The Business Development Centers group complementary research departments according to field of application or domain of expertise. Together with the eight IOF platforms, they form the Industrial Liaison Network.

Together they facilitate and promote the application of knowledge. This means the translation of research into new activities, innovative products and services, and social solutions. Therefor UGent TechTransfer manages the intellectual property of the university, converts it into spin-off companies and licenses, and supports the Ghent University research community in creating partnerships with industry.

More info: TechTransfer & IOF Business Development Centers